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Cooler Campuses and a New Building are in the Future for Culver City Schools

Earth Digger Driver at construction site

As Culver City Real Estate knows, community investment in schools is an important sign of growth and good local priorities.   This week, those priorities were visible for all to see when Mike Reynolds, assistant superintendent for the Culver City School District, spoke about accelerating a bond sale that will allow improvements to schools as well as a new building.

The plan, if all is approved, is to spend the next two rounds of a $106 million school bond a head of schedule, thus locking in lower construction costs for a new science building which would be located between the Culver City High School and Middle School. Beyond that, the money would allow the district to install air conditioning in all the schools, many which are only partly air conditioned or not at all.

A group of energetic elementary school kids leaving school

The school district cares about the health and comfort of it’s students, and new air conditioning will not only make learning in warm weather easier, it will improve the air quality for those campuses located near the 405 Freeway. “We hope to have air conditioning in place on a lot of campuses by the start of next school year,” Mr. Reynolds said.

The completion of these plans still depends on gaining final approval and no promises on timelines have been made.   However, the future of Culver City and all Culver City School Campuses is looking bright!  Martin Feinberg Realtor is proud to be a part of it.