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Vargas wins Award from West Basin Municipal Water District

Image is Cathi Vargas and Houston.Martin Feinberg, Realtor, was pleased to learn that Cathi Vargas has won one of the prestigious 2018 “Water Reliability” awards from the West Basin Municipal Water District.  Vargas, Culver City’s environmental coordinator, won for her vigorous efforts to help residents and businesses within the Culver City Real Estate area to conserve California’s most valuable commodity.

Culver City West Basin Director Scott Houston presented the award to Vargas at the 20th annual Water Harvest Festival on Saturday October 27.  Houston cited Vargas’ notable efforts to “enhance the District’s relationship with the City by sharing engaging water-related content across the City’s social media platforms.”

Houston went on to say, “She has also been instrumental in assisting with hosting and driving attendance to West Basin community events located in Culver City.”

Because many people don’t understand how the West Basin Municipal Water District works, education is key to improving water conservation.

The West Basin Municipal Water District was voted into existence in 1947 after decades of saltwater infiltration into community wells showed that water conservation and supplemental water sources would be necessary if the region was to thrive.

Image is an illustration of a faucet with water drops coming out.Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, notes that the West Basin Municipal Water District is essentially a wholesale water agency that provides imported drinking water to nearly 1 million people in 17 Southland cities and unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County.  The District also produced recycled water for irrigation, groundwater replenishment, industrial cooling towers, and both low and high-pressure boiler feed water. West Basin is considered by many experts to be an industry leader in water conservation, recycling and education.

Culver City’s Vargas won the “Water Reliability” award for the West Basin’s Division IV.  The West Basin has five divisions in total.

Division IV covers a broad swath, from Malibu to West Hollywood, south to Culver City and down to El Segundo and parts of Lennox.