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How Property Managers use Customer Feedback to Help Property Owners

Image is an illustration of a survey with a hand checking the smiley face option rather than the neutral and sad faces.Rental property ownership can be lucrative, but doing it right is very time consuming.  Often rental property owners are so busy keeping up with the mandatory tasks that the less pressing needs fall to the wayside.  One of those needs that rental property owners can fail to view as important is customer feedback on their properties.

Most rental property owners fail to implement a customer feedback management policy, but utilizing a property manager like Martin Feinberg can easily remedy such a mistake.  Experienced property managers know how to attract new tenants while also enhancing the experiences of current tenants through customer feedback.

Because online reviews and social media recommendations can greatly impact how prospective renters see a property, understanding how to use customer feedback is important.  Most professional property managers accomplish the task by asking for reviews. They often also monitor all social media mentions and review sites.  Though it can be time-consuming, property managers are usually better set up than owners to do so.

Property managers can learn more about customer experiences by posting social media surveys, using guest registration cards on their websites, visiting online review sites and renter forums, and completing face-to-face interviews with both prospective and current tenants.

Property managers will understand that some reviews will be difficult to hear, whether justified or not, and others will be flattering.  They will also understand that getting the most out of customer feedback means not ignoring any of them.

Customer service experts typically use four strategies to manage their online reputations.  Property managers can do the same.

Say Thank You.

Property managers should recognize all positive customer comments and respond

Own the Mistakes.

When a negative review is deserved the property manager should apologize. Then steps need to be taken to make sure a bad experience is unlikely to happen again in the future.


Image is an illustration of a survey asking for customer feedback.Property managers need to respond to reviews as soon as they are discovered.  Managers should promise to investigate and take corrective action for all negative reviews and always thank commenters for their feedback.

Use Technology

Technology allows property managers to instantly respond to digital inquiries, and collect information that can be used to positively shape the customer experience.

Rental property owners need to remember than reviews and recommendations figure into how Facebook and Google rank a business. Property managers can help owners by implementing a customer feedback management policy that acknowledges the importance of all input, good and bad.

Culver City High School Centaur Casino Night Coming in March

High contrast image of casino roulette in motion

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, is excited to see that on Saturday, March 2, the Culver City High School Boosters will be holding their Annual Centaur Casino Night.  The event will take place at the Veteran’s Memorial Complex at 4117 Overland Ave. and will last from 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

Gaming opportunities will include Black Jack, Craps, Roulette and more.  The event will also have food options from many of the best Culver City Real Estate area food vendors and Firestone Walker, Three Weavers, Lagunitas and other popular beer and wine will be available for purchase. The Centaur Cheerleaders will be providing home-backed desserts at a dessert bar for those with a sweet tooth. The night will also feature both silent and live auction items.

Live auction items include an autographed game worn Russell Westbrook jersey, Sushi Dinner with a major league baseball player, 3-Hours of training and jewelry making with jeweler to the stars Rafia Cooper, free braces for you or a loved one, a memorable 4-night cruise to Mexico, and other amazing items.

The silent auction includes more than 100 restaurant gift certificates, over 50 Centaur embroidered pieces of clothing, and 70+ other merchandise items, including a white gold/diamond necklace donated by XIV Karats LTD.  Excursions to Disneyland, the Magic Castle, Magic Mountain or wine tours in wine country are also available, along with workout and massage certificates. For those interested in learning experiences, classes in food preparation, swing dancing, and self-defense will also be an option.  Almost two-dozen museums are offering entrance options.  There will also be autographed memorabilia from the private collection of former Los Angeles Dodger owner Peter O’Malley and a staycation at the famous Culver Hotel.

Local listing agent Martin Feinberg encourages all who are interested in attending the event to check out the website see more items that will be added daily.

Image is the Culver City High School Centaur logo.Tickets can be purchased by contacting Culver City High School Athletic Director Tom Salter or emailing Casino.Night@laslots.como. Tickets, which are $40, are also available at the door.

Proceeds from the event go to support educational, athletic and extra curricular opportunities for Culver City High School students.


Onyx Jones Appointed new Chief Financial Officer for Culver City

Image is a desk top with a laptop, planner, clipboard, and sign that says Finance.Local listing agent Martin Feinberg notes that according to a City of Culver City announcement, Onyx Jones has been appointed as Culver City’s new Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Jones took over the Chief Financial Officer position on February 4, 2019.

Most recently Ms. Jones served the City of Pomona.  She held the position of Finance Director and City Treasurer in that community for three years.  Before that Ms. Jones served as the Interim Finance Director for the City of Adelanto. She was at that position for three year as well.  Prior to Adelanto, she served for seven years as Deputy Finance Director for the City of Rialto.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, was pleased to see that Onyx Jones has extensive experience in financial analysis and budgeting.  Besides assisting two communities in forming tax revenue measures, Ms. Jones has also written budget manuals, implemented large capital improvement projects, and directed creative team building workshops.  Ms. Jones is also a motivational speaker and award-winning author. She has a Master’s Degree in Professional Accountancy from Wichita State University.

According to the news release Onyx Jones was selected for the Chief Financial Officer position in the Culver City Real Estate area after an extensive and competitive search.

City Manager John Nachbar stated, “I’m delighted to introduce Onyx to Culver City. She brings a track record of prudent financial oversight and she will ensure Culver City continues to strive for fiscal excellence.”

Image is a blue globe against a white background with black silhouettes of people in front of it.

Five Pitfalls that Professional Property Managers Can Help With

Image is an illustration of someone handing another person a bag of money in exchange for a home.Rental property ownership can be difficult, especially for owners who are new to the endeavor. Though working with a property manager like Martin Feinberg will not alleviate every stress or instantly resolve every dilemma, it can help make the process easier and more lucrative.  Professional property managers bring skills and knowledge to the table that can greatly benefit the owners they serve.

Listed below are five common rental property difficulties that owners often run into, along with suggestions on how professional property managers can help.

High Turnover: 

High turnover is defined as anything over the national annual average of about 50 percent. When a property owner is constantly dealing with tenants moving out and trying to find new ones to move it, it can negatively impact their bottom line.

Though renters are transient by nature, a turnover rate that is too high reflects problems with the management of the property.  This is where a good property manager can make a big different.  Experienced property managers tend to understand the needs of tenants and when the needs of tenants are taken care of, high turnover will cease to be a problem.

Poor Maintenance:

Inexperienced rental property owners can sometimes buy into the false idea that skimping on maintenance costs can lower operating costs.  This is not true though.  Regular maintenance keeps properties from needing constant expensive repairs.  It also helps to keep tenants happy, keeping them in the property longer.

Professional property managers will implement a regular maintenance schedule and will also make it easier for tenants to make repair requests, usually through on online system.  Staying on top of property maintenance will always save money in the long run.

Ignoring Tenants:

In this day and age, most tenants expect to be able to contact their landlord on any day and at any time. When rental property owners are slow to respond, tenant dissatisfaction rises, and so does tenant turnover.

Many property managers combat this issue by implementing systems that allow tenants to contact someone even when the office is closed.   This means that the property manager and his or her team can handle renter problems or emergencies 24/7 without the property owner needing to be involved.

Non-compliance with Laws and Regulations:

Not understanding real estate and rental property laws and regulations, both those at the state as well as the federal level, will lead to expensive lawsuits and non-compliance penalties.  These laws and rules are constantly changing and it can be difficult for rental property owners to keep up.

Utilizing a professional property manager that knows what to watch out for can help owners maintain compliance, thus saving a lot of time, money, and stress.

Image is a man holding a tablet with some graphs and pie charts on it.Too High or Too Low Rent:

It can be very difficult for rental property owners to know what to charge for rent on their properties.  Sometimes owners will simply try to match the rent prices of the properties around them, but because there is more that goes into a rent rate than location, that is often not the best strategy.  Property managers usually have the experience and data needed to know what to charge for their product.  Property managers also know what amenities renters are willing to pay for and what they won’t.

Culver City Celebrates Partnership with Clean Power Alliance

Image is a group of symbols representing alternative energy sources.Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, sees that the City of Culver City is inviting community members and local media to a Press Conference commending 100% Green Power in the Culver City community.  The Press Conference will start at 4:30 p.m. on Monday February 11.  It will take place in Culver City’s Dale Jones City Hall Courtyard at 9770 Culver Blvd. The conference will celebrate the city’s membership in the Clean Power Alliance (CPA).

Culver City Mayor Thomas Small stated, “The cities that comprise the Clean Power Alliance are leading the charge to fight climate change, reduce pollution, protect the public’s health and preserve our planet for future generations.  Culver City is leading by example by lowering its greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring a cleaner future and inspiring other cities to follow suit. I am thrilled to share this milestone with our community come February 11,” he added.

Culver City’s City Council selected 100% Green Power for the city and as a result the Culver City Real Estate area is one of 10 cities to opt for the top tier of green energy offered by the Clean Power Alliance.  There are currently 31 jurisdictions in the CPA’s membership within Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that in February CPA will begin selling competitive levels of renewable electricity to its 31 member cities and counties at lower rates than those offered by Southern California Edison. CPA will purchase the electricity on behalf of its member communities but Southern California Edison will still provide transmission and distribution services, power line maintenance, and customer metering and billing.

Image is a group of hands all put on top of each other in a huddle.According to CPA Executive Director Ted Bardacke, “Due to the high demand for renewable power from CPA customers and our member communities, CPA expects to meet the state’s bold renewable energy targets 11 years ahead of schedule.  Culver City’s choice to go with carbon-free 100% Green Power shows how local communities can lead the way in reducing carbon pollution.”

Becoming a member of CPA is one of many efforts by Culver City to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable California.

Scott Houston Elected new West Basin Municipal Water District President

Image is Scott Houston President of West Basin Municipal Water District BoardLocal listing agent Martin Feinberg notes that in January the West Basin Municipal Water District board of directors elected Scott Houston to serve as its board president for 2019.  Gloria D. Gray was elected to serve as its board vice president at the same meeting. Directors Harold Williams and Carol W. Kwan were named board treasurer and board secretary respectively with Director Donald L. Dear being named the immediate past president.

At the time of his election President Houston stated, “I am honored to be elected by my colleagues to serve as West Basin’s board president in the year ahead.  As a board, we will continue to focus our efforts on water conservation, community education and outreach, and increasing the use of recycled water throughout our service area. West Basin remains dedicated to protecting our existing water supplies while also securing local, drought-resilient resources that ensure future water reliability to the communities we serve.”

The West Basin Municipal Water District represents 17 cities throughout a 185 square mile service area, including the Culver City Real Estate area.  It is dedicated to providing a safe and reliable water supply to the communities it represents.  A five-member board of directors administers the West Basin Municipal Water District. These directors are publicly elected.

Houston has had many years of experience with the West Basin board of directors, having first been elected in 2014 and then re-elected in 2018.   Martin Feinberg, Realtor, was interested to learn that he represents the Division IV cities of Culver City, El Segundo, Malibu, West Hollywood and unincorporated LA County areas of Del Aire, Lennox, Marina del Rey, North Ladera Heights, Topanga, View Park, Windsor Hills and Wiseburn.

Scott Houston has been a resident of the District for almost two decades and an active leader in his local community as well as in the greater Los Angeles area.

Image is a drop of water in a pool creating ripples.

Four Reasons that Property Managers are Worth the Money

Image is a hand drawing a dollar sign in a notebook that is sitting next to a cup of coffee.Investment properties are often lucrative and can be a great source of extra income.  However, many rental property owners do not have the time or experience to successfully manage their rental properties while maximizing the return on their investment.  Professional property managers, however, usually already have habits in place that can make rental properties more profitable.  These strategies, which come from years of personal experience as well as intimate knowledge of rental property law and regulations, allow property managers to save their clients both time and money.

Four ways that property managers can help boost the success of investment property owners are:

1. Automated Communication

Communicating with tenants, maintenance workers, inspectors, and vendors can take up a lot of time.  Most rental property owners are not set up to automate such communication but many property managers are.  Property managers often use software that automatically reminds tenants about rent, balance due, or late fees. They are set up to utilize templates for emails that contain the same information. Such automated communication saves time and also keeps the communication process professional and consistent.

2. Standardized Tasks

Most professional property managers, like Martin Feinberg, are already set up for standardization.  Standardized processes, such as rental listings and syndication, property inspections, applications, maintenance updates, and owner reports ensure consistency and keep things efficient.  Time is money and standardized tasks save both.

4. Set Goals

One part of success in any industry is goal setting. While most rental property owners are very capable of setting goals, often they lack the knowledge and experience needed to know what goals to focus on and how to follow through. Property managers are experienced at creating short-term and long-term goals.  They understand how to make goals measurable and are often set up to easily track progress.  Their accountability to their owners means they are highly motivated to accomplish the goals they set.

5. Comfort in a Digital World

Most perspective tenants look exclusively online to find a rental property.  Competition is fierce and listing a property on a few online websites is not usually going to produce the results that investment property owners are looking for. However, most property managers have an established online presence that includes a company website and social media accounts.  This helps to ensure that no listing stays vacant for long.

Image is the phrase Time is Money with a stopwatch as the O in the word money.


CCHS Group Seeking Donations for Local Homeless Shelters

Image is a Donate Now button.Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, is happy to learn that a club within the Visual Arts Department at Culver City High School is gathering donations for a social project. The unnamed group will be creating carrying bags for hygiene products and other materials.  According to CCHS Assistant Principal Kelli Tarvyd, these will be given to homeless shelters, some within the Culver City Real Estate area.

“We are hoping to create 500 bags,” Tarvyd stated.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that donations will be accepted at the Culver City High School (CCHS) Main Office from now through March 5. The Culver City High School is located at 4401 Elenda St, Culver City, CA 90230.

Below is a list of the needed items, some specific to the homeless shelter that they will be donated to.  Those who wish to donate should remember that all donations must be travel size.  These items include:

Midnight Mission:

Sunscreen with carabineer
First Aid Kit
Disposable Razors
Dental Floss
Flashlight (small hand crank or battery operated)
Hand Sanitizer
Ear Plugs
Ziploc Bags
Travel Toothbrush
Hair Ties

Women Center:

Disposable Razors
Hair Ties
Reusable Tote Bags
Soap- small
Vaseline or hand or body lotion
First Aid Kit

Art Supplies:

Assorted Pencils
Art Bag
Pencil Sharpener

Image is a line of volunteer hands in different colors.

California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser to Benefit Fallen Officer Ronil Singh

Image is a picture of Ronil Singh on duty.Martin Feinberg, Realtor, is pleased to learn that there will be a fundraiser Wednesday at the California Pizza Kitchen in Culver City to honor slain Newman police corporal Ronil Singh.  According to official reports, Singh was killed during a suspected DUI traffic stop in December.  He was 33 years old.   The January 30 event–“Pizza With a Purpose”—will be held in his honor at every California Pizza Kitchen across the state and not only at the Culver City Real Estate area location.

Ronil Singh died the day after Christmas, when he initiated a traffic stop at Merced Street and Eucalyptus Avenue.  Singh reported “shots fired” over the radio moments after the stop, according to Stanislaus County deputies.  He was eventually found at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds.  He died at an area hospital.

Ronil Singh had been with the agency since 2011.  He was a husband and father of a 5-month-old son.

According to authorities, Gustavo Perez Arriaga, the accused shooter, and seven other accused accomplices, were arrested days later after a massive statewide manhunt.

Local listing agent Martin Feinberg notes that anyone interested in participating in the fundraiser must print the flyer and bring it to the restaurant.  Twenty percent from each check will be donated; all proceeds will go to benefit Singh’s family.

The Culver City California Pizza Kitchen is located at 10704 Venice Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232

Image is a picture of Ronil Singh that was displayed at his memorial.

Rental Property Lawn Care: How Property Managers can Help

Image is a person on a riding lawn mower doing yard work.Deciding who is going to maintain certain aspects of a rental property can be a difficult decision for an inexperienced property owner.  Landscaping and yard care, for example, could be maintained by the property owner or might be made the responsibility of the tenant.  While it can seem clear cut, there are pros and cons to both arrangements. Though there is no clear-cut answer about who should be in charge of lawn care, hiring a professional property manager like Martin Feinberg, who has decades of experience to draw from, can help alleviate some of the pressure.

There are some situations where yard maintenance will clearly fall under the responsibilities of the property manager.  When a property has multiple units, such as an apartment building or complex, it would be unreasonable to put tenants in charge of maintain the yard.  This is especially true if the outside areas are shared spaces.   Also, uniform and tidy landscaping is often part of the appeal complexes, condos, and townhouses.  Putting a property manager in charge of landscaping helps to preserve the uniformity and keeps the area well maintained.

Single-family residents, on the other hand, can be a gray area when it comes to lawn care. In those situations it often boils down to whether or not the property manager wants to guarantee that the yard will be maintained or is all right leaving it in the hands of renters. One thing that professional property managers will often consider is whether or not the property is connected with a Home Owner’s Association (HOA). If the rental property is located in a neighborhood with an HOA, there are likely to be rules present that govern lawn maintenance.  When the HOA will fine the tenants directly, it can make sense to allow the tenants to handle lawn care.  If the HOA is going to fine the property owner for poorly maintained lawns however, the property manager will likely hire a landscaping company to oversee yard maintenance.  This will keep the rental property owners from unnecessary fines, but will also make sure that the yard is being maintained properly and as economically as possible.

Image is a home with a well-maintained lawn and landscaping.Yard care can be a difficult subject for property owners, property managers, and tenants.  In the end, tenants, owners, and property managers should come agreement about lawn care before anyone is renting the property.  Preferably, the agreement will be present in the lease and all parties will be aware of their own responsibilities before signing.   Perspective renters should read their lease carefully for stipulations about lawn care, and ask the property manager for clarification prior to signing. Property managers should be aware of what owner’s wishes regarding lawn care and should make sure any and all leases reflect their desires.