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Remembering King Celebration Begins January 20 in Culver City

Image is a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr surrounded by words denoting his leadership skills.Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that Culver City will be remembering and celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr January 20 through the 25.  The event will be entitled Remembering King and begins Monday, January 20 at 4 pm.  The celebration is organized and presented by the City of Culver City and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Celebration Committee.

As part of the celebration actor Gerald C. Rivers will be reenacting one of Dr. King speeches at City Hall’s main gates.  Following the reenactment there will be a candlelight ceremony in honor of Dr. King led by the Culver City Inter Faith Alliance.

According to Gerald C. River’s IMDb profile, “Mr. Rivers has dedicated his life’s work to keeping alive the spirit and inspiration of the late great Dr. King through his awe-inspiring renditions. He has committed to memory, verbatim, over 20 of Dr. King’s speeches in their entirety.”

Mr. Rivers has also been recognized by the King family, the King Center, NAACP, SCLC, and the National Baptist Convention.  He has been a part of different national Martin Luther King Jr. holiday celebrations in Atlanta, DC, Oakland, Boston, LA and Bermuda.

Local listing agent Martin Feinberg encourages all to attend the opening ceremony of the celebration on Monday at City Hall, which is located at 9770 Culver Blvd. Street within the Culver City Real Estate area. Underground parking is available.

The Remembering King celebration will conclude on Saturday, January 25 with WOMEN IN THE MOVEMENT Soul Sister a musical.  The presentation is a biography about renowned artists Patti Henley and Brenda Lee Eager. Both women had remarkable musical careers while also doing important work in the civil rights movement.

That part of the event will be held from 1-3pm at the Culver City Senior Citizens Center located at 4095 Overland Avenue.

Image is a drawing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr speaking to a crowd of people.

Sandy Segal Youth Health Center Hosting Fundraising Gala in February

Image is the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center.Local listing agent Martin Feinberg is pleased to learn that the Friends of the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center will hold its annual fundraising gala on Saturday, February 29. The celebration will be the 30th anniversary of the organization, which is the fundraising arm of the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center.

According to the website, the “Friends of the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center(formerly “Friends of the Culver City Youth Health Center”) is a non-profit organization that raises funds for the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center. Individuals, community contributions, and grants enable the Center to provide physical and psychological services free of charge to the youth of Culver City. These services allow the students to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.”

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that the theme of this year’s gala is Cheers to Thirty Years.  According to the press release there will be “lots of fun, food and friends” planned for the event.  Mike Cohen is set to be the Master of Ceremonies with Ronnie Jayne providing music throughout the night.

Image is an illustration of a girl standing next to a doctor.Tickets will be $125 per person. More information, such as the location of the Culver City Real Estate area gala, will soon follow.

Anyone seeking more information about the Health Center, or the Friends of the Health Center, should contact Diana Hauptman at 310-839-8262. They can also email at


Dealing with Difficult Tenants as a Property Manager

Image is an illustration with silhouettes of two men arguing.Unfortunately for rental property owners, not all tenants are easy to get along with.  Experienced property managers like Martin Feinberg know that, despite good screening techniques, difficult renters still sometimes slip through and end up signing a lease.  When that happens, understanding how best to move forward in dealing with difficult tenants, and keeping neighbors and/or other tenants happy as well, is essential.

Below are five things that a professional property manager can do to work with a trying tenant.  They are:


Sometimes a tenant becomes well known for their constant complaints.  When that happens it can be tempting for property managers to begin to ignore the continuous grievances.  However, ignoring a renter who wants to be heard can end up making the problem even worse.   A good property manager should always listen and try to resolve their tenants’ complaints.  Sometimes, or in the case of a difficult tenant—often, a property manager won’t be able to resolve the issue to the tenant’s liking, but they can still validate the renter’s feelings when possible.

Be Dependable

Some tenants start out easy to work with, and then become difficult over time. When this happens, it might be a sign that the problem is the property manager as much as the renter.  Landlords need to follow through on the things they say they will do.


If an issue is going to take some time to resolve, property managers need to keep tenants updated on the process.  Even difficult renters can be appeased if they know what’s going on and are kept in the loop.

Document Everything

A comprehensive lease can go a long way towards keeping difficult tenants at bay. Property managers need to have all rules and regulations in writing so that they can easily remind tenants what they agreed to when they signed the lease.  If worse comes to worse and eviction becomes necessary, a good lease with plenty of documentation can make that process much easier as well.

Remain Professional

Though it might be tempting for property managers to sink to a difficult tenant’s level, doing so never helps anything.  In the long run, kindness and professionalism can go a long way.  And even if it doesn’t help relations with the tenant, at the very least it sets a good example to employees and others who are aware of the situation.

Image is a cartoon drawing of a smiling man sitting at a laptop doing a thumbs up.

Chamber of Commerce Hosting 2020 Installation Gala & Silent Auction

Image is the 2020 Installation Gala & Silent Auction invite.Local listing agent Martin Feinberg was surprised to learn that the Culver City Chamber of Commerce is entering its 99th year this year.  In celebration the Chamber is preparing for its annual board member installation and board chair swearing-in ceremony, which will occur at the 2020 Installation Gala & Silent Auction.  The event will run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Jan. 24 at Mophonics, a recording studio located within the Culver City Real Estate area.

Incoming Chair of the Board Kristin Cavanaugh, of Sony Pictures Entertainment, will be sworn in at the celebration, which will also recognize the Board of Directors as well as the Chamber Ambassadors for their excellent service to both the community and the Chamber in previous years.

Cedars-Sinai, Apple, Amazon Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sweet Flower, and Southern California Hospital are all sponsoring the event.  The 2020 Installation Gala & Silent Auction will include valet parking, live music, and a hosted bar.  Tickets for Chamber of Commerce members are $80 while nonmembers will pay $95 per ticket.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that entire tables or blocks of tickets can be purchased a head of time to allow businesses or business owners to sit with friends and colleagues.  Otherwise, seating will be based on sponsorship and/or order of purchase.

The event will also allow businesses to promote themselves and their services based on their level of sponsorship.  Sponsorship level requirements and benefits are as follows:

Bronze Level Sponsorship- $850
Table of 10
Table signage
Business name in program
Website recognition as sponsor
Social media recognition as sponsor

Silver Level Sponsorship- $1500
Table of 10
Table signage
Business logo in program
Website recognition as sponsor
Social media recognition as sponsor
1/2 page ad in the program book
Company name projected on screen before and after the event

Gold Level Sponsorship- $2000
Table of 10
Table signage
Business logo in program
Website recognition as sponsor
Social media recognition as sponsor
Full-page ad in program
Public recognition as a sponsor by the CEO during the event
Company logo projected on screen before and after the event
Company logo on all marketing materials
Special recognition in Chamber press releases
One visual ad to be projected on screen before and after the event

Platinum Level Sponsorship- $3000
Table of 10 – Premiere Location
Table signage
Business logo in program
Website recognition as sponsor
Social media recognition as sponsor
Full-page ad in program
Public recognition as a sponsor by the CEO during the event
Company logo projected on screen before and after the event
Company logo on all marketing materials
Special recognition in Chamber press releases
One visual ad to be projected on screen before and after the event
Award Sponsor w/option to Present Chamber Award

Anyone with questions about or requests for the 2020 Installation Gala & Silent Auction should email for additional information.

Image is the Culver City sign.

Independent Larry Thompson to run for 37th Congressional District

Image is campaign photo of Larry Thompson.Larry Thompson has announced his intention to run for California’s 37th congressional district against Culver City Rep. Karen Bass (D).  Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that Thompson will run as an Independent.

The 37thcongressional district is historically known as a Democratic stronghold, making Thompson’s declaration unique.  It covers Century City as well as the Culver City Real Estate area.  The new Disney/Fox and Sony both have headquarters in the area.

Thompson is no stranger to the entertainment community however, being a veteran entertainment attorney, personal manager, and film producer.

Thompson stated “I have been a ‘Representative’ of Hollywood Talent for almost 50 years.  As either their lawyer or personal manager I have spent a career listening, caring, nurturing, planning, marketing, negotiating, and enhancing their personas and lives. I now want to be a ‘Representative’ of the people who live in our 37th District to do those things for them even more profoundly, give them a voice, and empower their lives.”

“The polarized political positions in our nation have become dangerous in many ways,” Thompson continued. “As an Independent, (NPP), I want everyone to use Common Sense with Common Civility to find Common Ground to solve our Common Issues.”

Image is an illustration of a hand placing a ballot into a ballot box.Thompson concluded his remarks by saying, “With the Presidential Impeachment, there is much disenchantment, disappointment, and frustration with many Democrat and Republican voters. Candidates, like me, running as Independents against the established party incumbents are on the rise in the U.S.”

The election rules for the state of California assert that if no candidate receives over 50% of the vote it will trigger a runoff in the November General Election between the two candidates who receive the most votes.  This will happen regardless of party affiliation of each candidate.

For more information on Thompson’s campaign local listing agent Martin Feinberg recommends visiting


Property Managers can Prevent and Handle Frozen and Burst Pipes

Image is an outdoor water spigot with ice on it.Professional property managers like Martin Feinberg know that proper maintenance is essential.  This is especially true in some areas during the winter, when excessive cold and/or moisture can cause a myriad of problems.  Cold weather damage such as frozen or burst pipes can lead to expensive repairs, particularly if they aren’t quickly dealt with in the right way.  Though winterization will help stop frozen pipes before they start, follow the steps below if worse comes to worse to minimize the damage.

Handling Burst Pipes

Water pipes in homes and apartments can freeze and/or burst if they are exposed to cold temperatures without protection such as insulation to keep them at a stable temperature.  Though not every frozen pipe will burst, if the pressure from the expanding ice becomes too great a flow of water will be unleashed in your home that can cause a lot of damage very quickly.

If the worse happens, tenants and property managers need to be prepared to:

  1. Immediately locate and shut off the main water supply to minimize flooding. This can be as simple as flipping the shut-off valve in your home, or as complicated as calling the municipal water company and requesting someone be sent to shut off the water supply to the building.  Property managers and tenants should know which will be necessary for their property.
  2. Dry the affected area as quickly as possible by removing the water using mops, sponges, towels, and a shop vac or wet/dry vacuum.
  3. Call the property manager to report the problem ASAP.
  4. Run a dehumidifier in the space to prevent damage from excess moisture.
  5. Call a licensed plumber to ensure the pipe is appropriately repaired.

Assessing a Frozen Pipe

Not all frozen pipes become burst pipes so a leak isn’t always the best indicator of a pipe in trouble.  Rather than waiting for water to appear, experienced property managers can instruct renters to look for warning signs after a big freeze, such as faucets that don’t flow correctly or toilets that don’t refill when flushed.   Such signs can help diagnose a pipe that needs to be thawed before damage is done.

Thawing a Frozen Pipe

Before attempting to thaw a pipe, the water to the affected area should be shut off. Damaged pipes often start to leak as ice melts, and shutting off the water before pipes are defrosted will prevent water damage before it has a chance to start.  Even after the water supply is shut off, be prepared for spillage with towels and a bucket.  It’s almost impossible to work on water pipes without some water spilling out.

The easiest way to defrost pipes is with a space heater, infrared or incandescent heat lamp, or hair dryer.  Frozen pipes can sometimes also be wrapped in heat tape to thaw a specific area.  Never use an open flame to thaw pipes; the fire hazard is too great.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this is especially true when it comes to dealing with frozen pipes.

Image is a bathroom faucet that is left dripping.To stop the problem before it starts, property managers can instruct tenants to:

  • Leave faucets running at a trickle during the coldest parts of the day or night.
  • Open cabinet doors to warm up the pipes under sinks and inside cabinets.
  • Wrap vulnerable pipes with electrical heat tape and plug in when temperatures drop to dangerous levels.
  • Insulate pipes with foam insulation to slow the loss of heat.
  •  ​Remove garden hoses attached to outdoor faucets and cover with foam protector.
  • Heat unheated areas (such as an attached garage or basement) with a permanent heater, to keep the temperature above freezing.

LAFD Offering CERT Training to all interested Residents in LA County

Image is the CERT logo--Green letters against a backdrop of black homes with the words community emergency response team under it.Local listing agent Martin Feinberg has learned that the Los Angeles Fire Department will be offering its Community Emergency Response Team, otherwise known as CERT, training beginning this month at multiple locations around Los Angeles County.  A couple locations will be near the Culver City Real Estate area, including one at Iman Foundation-Palms Nc on Motor Avenue in Los Angeles.

The seven CERT classes will be lead by LAFD Firefighter Nigel Francis.  They will all be offered from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. and each will focus on a different aspect of search and rescue.

  • Class 1 on Jan. 7 will teach disaster awareness.
  • Class 2 on Jan. 14 will teach disaster fire suppression techniques.
  • Classes 3 and 4 on Jan. 21 and Jan. 28 will teach disaster medical operations.
  • Class 5 on Feb. 4 will teach light search and rescue operations.
  • Class 6 on Feb. 11 will focus on team organization and disaster psychology.
  • The final class, number 7, will be held on Feb. 18 and will cover terrorism and homeland defense.

Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, notes that anyone interested in attending and becoming certified must be present for all seven classes.

According to the LAFD Community Emergency Response Team website, the CERT Program was developed in 1986 when “the Los Angeles Fire Department created a pilot program to teach a core group of community members about basic fire suppression, first aid, search, and evacuation techniques. The first 30 people who completed the training demonstrated the effectiveness of the CERT concept, but it wasn’t until the October 1, 1987 Whittier Narrows Earthquake that the city saw evidence of how valuable the CERT program could be and stepped up to support it.”

Image is the Los Angeles Fire Department logo, founded in 1886.The website also explains that “Anyone in good health and with a sense of community can become a part of CERT….  LAFD CERT members receive 17 ½ hours (one day a week for seven weeks) of initial training. The 7-week course is followed by full-day bi-annual refresher drills, and an opportunity to assist the LAFD at local incidents. CERT training is provided free of charge within the City of Los Angeles to anyone 18 or over.”

To schedule a CERT class or other type of training, please call CERT instructor Nigel Francis at 213-202-3136 or send an email to

Property Inspections can help Property Managers and Tenants Alike

Image is a figure holding up a piece of paper, as seen through a peep hole.Being a rental property owner or a property manager means making multiple decisions every day with the goal of providing a good home to tenants while turning a profit at the same time.  One decision that can impact both tenant relations and profit margins is the frequency of property inspections.  To many property inspections and tenant privacy will suffer, making tenant unhappiness and turnover more likely.  Too few and property maintenance will suffer, requiring costlier repairs than would otherwise have been necessary.

Professional and experienced property managers like Martin Feinberg are well suited for finding the perfect balance between landlord professionalism, property maintenance, and tenant rights.

Why Rental Inspections

Rental properties should be inspected periodically to protect the property investment and ensure tenant health and safety.  Inspections tend to fall into two categories:  Customary Inspections and Maintenance and Safety Inspections.  Customary inspections generally occur when a tenant moves into or out of a property.  Maintenance and safety inspections are routine home inspections meant to check smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, pest control, and general property well-being.

Property managers can also sometimes enter a property for non-inspection reasons, such as for snow removal, emergency repairs (such as a water leak), natural disasters, or extended tenant absence.  State and local laws often regulate the amount of notice that a property manager is required to give before requesting admittance.

Giving Notice and Being Professional 

Most professional property managers want to be on friendly terms with their tenants.  Having a good relationship generally helps everything else go smoothly.  However, even close personal friends don’t often appreciate unannounced or multiple visits.  Likewise, tenants, no matter how much they like their landlord, will not typically welcome frequent or unexpected property inspections either.

With that in mind, property inspections should be written into the lease so that tenants know what to expect and when to expect it.  Property managers should also be sure to follow local and state laws in regards to how much notice they must give before showing up and requested entrance, and the amount of notice should also be stated in the lease as well.  Even when a state does not require providing advanced notice, experience property managers will still strive to give advanced notification when possible.

Tenant’s’ Right to Privacy

Generally, tenants understand that property inspections are necessary and will happen.  They are living in someone else’s home after all.  But that doesn’t mean that they will always welcome inspections when they need to happen.  Some tenants will find even a few property inspections a year excessive and good property managers should know how best to proceed under such circumstances. The key is to be aware of the tenants’ rights to peaceful enjoyment of their home and freedom from harassment.  In that vein, property managers generally do well to be aware of social decorum as much as they are of the local and state laws that provide them entry.

In the end, most tenants understand the need for occasional property inspections and are happy to comply, when treated with dignity and understanding. When property managers conduct inspections appropriately, professionally, and within regulations, they can benefit everyone involved.

Image is the words "quality control" in red.

Fire Department Offers Smoke Alarm Program for Qualified Residents

Image is a cartoon of a fire truck at a house that is on fire.Local listing agent Martin Feinberg was pleased to learn that the Culver City Fire Department will be providing free smoke alarms to residents of single family homes who otherwise cannot afford them or who are unable to safely install them.  They will be provided through the Smoke Alarm Program.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, three out of five home fire deaths are caused from fires in properties without working smoke alarms. Similarly, more than 38% of home fire deaths occur in homes where no smoke alarm is present at all.  Finally, the risk of dying in a home fire is cut in half when working smoke alarms are present on the property.

For those interested and who qualify, smoke alarms will be available to pick up at a designated fire station.  Those who cannot properly install the smoke alarms can schedule a time for a member of the Culver City Fire Department to install the alarms for them.

According to the Culver City press release, the Smoke Alarm Program is funded through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program.  The smoke alarms are available for owner-occupied single family homes only, within the Culver City Real Estate area.

For those living in rental units (houses or apartments), it is the landlord’s responsibility to install and maintain smoke alarms in that property.  The California Building Code requires that smoke alarms are present on every level, inside every bedroom, and also in the hallway adjacent to any bedroom.

Image is a smoke alarm.Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that to qualify for the program interested parties must be an owner of a single family home, must reside within the Culver City borders, and must currently lack smoke alarms or have defective alarms that need to be replaced.

To participate in the Smoke Alarm Program residents should call the Culver City Community Risk Reduction Division at (310) 253-5925to schedule an appointment. Appointments are available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Mondays – Thursdays.

Culver City Council Votes for Homeless Czar to Manage Growing Problem

Image is a homeless man sitting in a red sleeping bad on a street with a cardboard sign.Local listing agent Martin Feinberg was surprised to learn that the Culver City Council voted to hire a Homeless Czar at their Monday night meeting.  The new hire would have a pay rate of $195,000 per year and would be in charge of addressing the city’s growing homeless problem.

City Manager John Nachbar requested the additional funds despite the fiscal emergency the city recently declared.

Nachbar stated, “In a poll conducted a few weeks ago, homelessness was cited by our residents as one of the top issues facing the city.  This issue is incredibly complex.”

Nachbar stated, in response to questions by Vice Mayor Goran Eriksson, that the new position will require an extensive skill set” and it would probably be 90 days before a new hire could be up and running.

For their part, local Culver City Real Estate area residents were angry and frustrated at Monday’s meeting.

Katherine McKinney claimed that “this is the least responsive City Council in the last 20 years that I have lived here.”

Resident Nupur Tustin asked the Council “where is the compassion for the hard-working citizens that pay the city’s bills and where is the compassion for our children?”

Residents on Globe Avenue related to the council that they had been threatened by the homeless in the past and that it seemed as if the police were prohibited by the City Council from protecting them.

Image is a man sleeping on a table in an outdoor area.Councilman Daniel Lee voiced support at the idea of hiring a Homeless Czar to help resolve the problem, but also reprimanded residents for not coming to an earlier special meeting where problems caused by the homeless were discussed.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, reminds all concerned citizens that the Culver City Council typically holds open meetings and also publishes their agenda beforehand. Staying informed on the issues that are going to be discussed at city meetings, and attending them when necessary, is a great way to make sure that all opinions have a voice within the community.