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Culver City Police Department Offers Citizen’s Police Academy

Image is a male and female police officer standing in front of a brick wall looking at a phone.The Culver City Police Department is gearing up for another session of its Citizen’s Police Academy and is encouraging all interested Culver City Real Estate area residents to apply.

According to the Culver City Police Department website the Citizen’s Police Academy is “designed to educate residents and local citizens on the various aspects of law enforcement. It is for those interested in learning more about how the Culver City Police Department functions and operates. There are many misconceptions about police duties and the Academy will help dispel these notions and allow community members a closer look at their police department.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that the goal of the program is to open the lines of communication and encourage interaction between police officers and the community.  The program is designed for those with a deeper interest in understanding the challenges and decisions that Culver City Police Officers face daily. It is not intended to train participants to be police officers.

The academy lasts eight weeks and is scheduled to begin sometime this summer.  Exact dates will be announced soon.  The academy and course curriculum includes the opportunity to attend a patrol ride-along, and classes on the Criminal Justice System, Development of a Police Officer, Tactical Options, Traffic Enforcement, Special Responses, Forensics, Investigations, and Community Preparedness.

To be considered, interested citizens must fill out an application.  To download applications go to:

Image is a group of men and women in a circle smiling, looking down at a camera on the floor in the middle of them.The selection process also requires a limited background check due to the sensitive nature of some of the material and security concerns.  All applications are retained and those who are not selected for this summer’s Academy will be considered for future classes.

Persons selected to attend the Citizen’s Police Academy will be notified by mail and/or phone at least two weeks prior to the beginning of classes.

Martin Feinberg, local listing agent, encourages interested residents to print and complete the application.  Applications can either be mailed in or dropped of at the Culver City Police Department, attention Lieutenant Troy Dunlap. Applications must be received by July 3rd, 2018 for consideration. Call (310) 253-6258 if you have any questions.