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Colin Diaz Appointed new Culver City Chamber of Commerce President

Image is of stacks of coins with trees growing out of them.Martin Feinberg, Realtor, was pleased to learn that the Culver City Chamber of Commerce has appointed Colin Diaz as the new President/CEO. This announcement follows the retirement of previous President Steven J. Rose, who served in that position for over 30 years. Diaz’s tenure at the Chamber began this last Monday, November 13.

Diaz comes to the Culver City Chamber of Commerce with over 18 years of sales, marketing, management, and community outreach experience. Most recently, he served as the Marketing and Sales Director for the Santa Fe Springs Chamber. While in that position he worked with new growth, the utilization of resources, and supported local and regional advocacy efforts. Colin has also worked in the sports, entertainment, education, and hospitality sectors in the past.

Diaz currently sits on both the Western Association of Chamber Executives (W.A.C.E.) 2018 Conference Committee and the W.A.C.E. Emerging Leaders Advisory Council.

Colin has an MBA from Duke University and an MFA from Chapman University. This background has helped him to accomplish many of his past achievements, but his professional and practical experience also enable Colin to stay on top of current trends and technology.

Personally, Diaz likes to spend time with his wife Alicia and his four-year old daughter Shanice, as well as visit extended family. He loves being active and enjoys a good game of basketball.

Image is of a bunch of sticky notes on top of a 2018 calendar.Paul Goldstein, Chair of the Board of the Culver City Chamber stated, “Colin’s leadership skills and chamber experience will bring continued success to the Culver City Chamber as it begins a new era after three decades of Steve’s unique leadership style.”

Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor is also confident that Diaz’s skills and previous chamber experience will help the Culver City Real Estate area to continue to grow. Anyone interested in contacting Diaz should call 310-287-3855 or email him at