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Culver City Press Release on Coronavirus Closures and Cancellations

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Martin Feinberg, Realtor, recognizes the efforts of Culver City officials in helping to stem the spread of the coronavirus within the Culver City Real Estate area.  Helping to slow the rate of transmission is an essential part of making sure that health care services remain able to handle their patient load and provide the best care possible, including advanced care when it is needed.

In that vein, the City of Culver City has released a statement outlining recent city closures and program cancellations.  The press release also includes links with further information about the coronavirus and access to local updates.

“Beginning March 11, 2020, the City of Culver City has cancelled all nonessential City-sponsored events for the next four weeks as a Coronavirus precautionary measure.  This includes the My Brother’s Keeper program (March 14) and Egg-stravaganza (March 21) which are now cancelled.

Program cancellations, facility closures and/or gathering size restrictions related to Coronavirus precautions are now in place for the Veterans Memorial Complex (Senior Center, Veterans Memorial Building, Teen Center), and all Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department staffed and contracted classes and programs with the exception of only a few.  We ask that you please read the information below carefully.  If you have questions or would like more information, call the Parks, Recreation and Community Services (PRCS) Department at 310-253-6650 or email us at

Culver City Senior Center Programs & Services

Starting Saturday March 14, 2020, the City of Culver City will close the Culver City Senior Center until further notice. This includes the fitness room, pool room, computer room and all classes, programs, workshops, and events.  All City-sponsored events and classes for the age 50+ population will be cancelled. The entire building will be closed for older adult programming. The Senior Center WILL still provide essential services such as lunch through an outdoor pick-up program and social services via telephone.

Senior Center information desk staff is available via phone at 310-253-6700 between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm to answer any questions.  Many of our partnership organizations such as WISE and Healthy Aging and the LA County Department of Mental Health will be available by phone should patrons need to contact them.  If you have questions regarding specific programming and activities, please contact programming staff at 310-253-6715.

Registered participants in the Senior Center nutrition program will be able to pick up lunches at the Senior Center on Mondays and Thursdays between 10:30 am – 12:30 pm.  Frozen meals will be provided for the days when there is no meal pick-up service.  The home delivered meals program will also continue to provide meals to our local housebound seniors.  If you have questions regarding meal pickup or home delivered meals during this time, please contact nutrition program staff at 310-253-6712.

The City’s social services partner, Special Services for Groups, will be available at the Senior Center to receive calls between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm and they can be reached via phone at 310-253-6717.  Special Services for Group social workers are here to provide you mental health services, care management, and address other social service needs.

Facility Reservations

Effective immediately, large facility reservations (i.e., events over 250 people) in City-owned/managed facilities are cancelled.  We are highly encouraging renters during this time period to cancel or reschedule events, especially those with 50 or greater people in attendance. (Mandatory cancellations may occur in the future.) If renters decide to cancel or reschedule your event, the City can offer these changes at no charge. Please contact our rental office staff at or 310-253-6625 with any questions or changes.

Aquatics / The Plunge

The Plunge will be closed as was previously scheduled for annual maintenance from March 14 – April 4, 2020.

Spring Camp, Enrichment Programs & Classes

Effective immediately, all adult and youth sports programs and contract classes are cancelled with only three exceptions: 1) Preschool programs; 2) Afterschool programs; 3) Spring Camps (starting March 23).  However, please keep in mind that this may change at any time.

For Further Information and Updates

The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department takes pride in the role we play in the lives of residents of all ages in the Culver City community and looks forward to the time when we can all gather together in good health. Updates and additional information will be posted on our webpage as it is available.

The City will continue to work closely with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to protect the health and safety of our Culver City residents, visitors and staff.  Learn more about the Coronavirus on the County’s website.

The City of Culver City is providing updates on the Coronavirus.

For your convenience, you may download a copy of the information above.”

Local listing agent Martin Feinberg encourages everyone to stay informed and support the necessary protocols outlined above.

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