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COVID-19 Doesn’t Stop Property Managers from Being Effective

Image is a drawing of the earth with the word COVID-19 superimposed over it.COVID-19 has been impacting everything from health care to grocery shopping in the United States for the last two weeks, and property management isn’t any different.  Though social distancing due to the coronavirus is essential, property managers like Martin Feinberg must still keep up with maintenance requests, repairs, and general property upkeep.  Understanding the best ways to do that while staying in compliance with government regulations and mandates is essential.

Below are four possible ways that property managers can work to maintain their property management obligations while also following social distancing protocols:

1.) No Nonessential Repairs

The easiest way to reduce person-to-person contact is to eliminate or postpone all non-urgent repairs.  Property managers should let their tenants know through email or text that, for everyone’s safety, only emergency repairs will be handled at this time.   Landlords should be empathetic and promise follow up on issues where needed, but should remain firm.  Deferring nonessential requests will make it easier for technicians to take care of emergent problems during this uncertain time.

2.) Boost Communications

Professional property managers should find as many ways as possible for their team members to work remotely.  This will be easiest when everyone is able to communicate effectively and promptly.  Mobile tools can help streamline communication efforts

3.) Talk with Vendors

During this time of social distancing due to the coronavirus, it’s very important for property managers to maintain effective communication with their vendors as well as their tenants.  Landlords need to make sure that any vendor they send to a property is following safety and social distancing protocols.  Asking about a vendor’s COVID-19 management plan is also a good option.

4.) Embrace Virtual Inspections

For those property managers that utilize routine annual inspections, and have inspections scheduled over the next few weeks, virtual inspections may be the way to go.  Tenants may be able to accommodate an inspection if they have access to and are willing to use their smart phones to provide visual access to their units.

Image is an illustration of a man and woman kept a part by the words social distancing.