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Culver City Pauses Purchase of new Bearcat Armored Personnel Carrier

Image is the Bearcat Armored Personnel Carrier.Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, was interested to learn that the Culver City Democratic Club has approved a resolution to condemn the planned purchase of the Bearcat armored personnel carrier by the Culver City Police Department.

The purchase was approved by the Culver City Council last year when it approved the 2019-20 city budget in August. However, the council put a hold on the purchase when it decided to request more input from the Culver City Real Estate area community.

As stated in their resolution, the Democratic Club accused Culver City of “misrepresented this military transport as an ’emergency rescue vehicle,'” stated “that militarizing police equipment, attitudes, and policies harms community relations,” and also pointed out that the $400,000 Bearcat armored personnel carrier was too expensive.

In response to growing concerns over the purchase of the armored vehicle, the Culver City Council has invited the public to join the City Council Public Safety Subcommittee to discuss the proposed emergency rescue vehicle next Wednesday, February 19, at 7 p.m. in the Mike Balkman Council Chambers.  Local listing agent Martin Feinberg notes that the Council Chambers are located at City Hall at 9770 Culver Boulevard.

The meeting is scheduled to include an opportunity for those present to inspect the the Bearcat armored personnel carrier vehicle as well as a Q & A session with Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells and Vice Mayor Göran Eriksson.

For those who cannot attend the meeting, it will also be live streamed online on February 19 at

Culver City is also seeking community input through an online poll. To participate in the survey, go to:

The Culver City Police Officers Association’s Board of Directors has also issued the following statement for consideration.

“We feel compelled to speak up regarding this critical piece of public safety equipment. We would like to share with you the POA’s perspective and views on why the department must acquire a Rescue Vehicle…

Image is a Culver City Police Department cop car.“From El Paso, TX to Dayton, Ohio to Gilroy, CA, there are way too many active shooters/mass shootings taking place across this nation; far too many to count. It is an epidemic. Recently, a Sacramento police officer was shot while investigating a domestic violence incident in the city. Due to the suspect’s firepower, Officer Tara O’Sullivan could not be rescued for over 40 minutes. She met a lonely, cold and painful death. We can’t help but wonder what would’ve been the outcome if a rescue vehicle could’ve gotten to her sooner and transported her to a hospital….

“We know that the City Council cares about this city and its Police Officers; those that have taken an oath to serve and protect them. All we are asking is for a piece of equipment, a Rescue Vehicle, that will protect us as we run into harm’s way.”