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Culver City Celebrates Partnership with Clean Power Alliance

Image is a group of symbols representing alternative energy sources.Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, sees that the City of Culver City is inviting community members and local media to a Press Conference commending 100% Green Power in the Culver City community.  The Press Conference will start at 4:30 p.m. on Monday February 11.  It will take place in Culver City’s Dale Jones City Hall Courtyard at 9770 Culver Blvd. The conference will celebrate the city’s membership in the Clean Power Alliance (CPA).

Culver City Mayor Thomas Small stated, “The cities that comprise the Clean Power Alliance are leading the charge to fight climate change, reduce pollution, protect the public’s health and preserve our planet for future generations.  Culver City is leading by example by lowering its greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring a cleaner future and inspiring other cities to follow suit. I am thrilled to share this milestone with our community come February 11,” he added.

Culver City’s City Council selected 100% Green Power for the city and as a result the Culver City Real Estate area is one of 10 cities to opt for the top tier of green energy offered by the Clean Power Alliance.  There are currently 31 jurisdictions in the CPA’s membership within Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that in February CPA will begin selling competitive levels of renewable electricity to its 31 member cities and counties at lower rates than those offered by Southern California Edison. CPA will purchase the electricity on behalf of its member communities but Southern California Edison will still provide transmission and distribution services, power line maintenance, and customer metering and billing.

Image is a group of hands all put on top of each other in a huddle.According to CPA Executive Director Ted Bardacke, “Due to the high demand for renewable power from CPA customers and our member communities, CPA expects to meet the state’s bold renewable energy targets 11 years ahead of schedule.  Culver City’s choice to go with carbon-free 100% Green Power shows how local communities can lead the way in reducing carbon pollution.”

Becoming a member of CPA is one of many efforts by Culver City to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable California.