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Culver City Centennial Exhibition on Ballona Creek to Show at the West Los Angels Art Gallery

Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, is excited to see the many different community events happening this year in celebration of Culver City’s 100th birthday. In conjunction with this yearlong commemoration, The West Lost Angeles Art Gallery is showing a Culver City Centennial exhibition entitled “Up the Creek! Ballona Watershed and Art” now through April 6th

The exhibition about Ballona Creek will feature many different artists including Francois Bardol, Lucy Blake-Elahi, Christophe Cassidy, Guy Dill, Lori Escalera, Danielle Eubank, Bruria Finkel, Brett Goldstone, Blake Hottle, Don Merkt, Jeanette Vosburg and Pat Warner.  Molly Barnes, Blake-Elahi, and Amy Rosentein will curate it.

Ballona Creek is an 8.8 miles long waterway in southwestern Los Angeles County. It provides access to many different recreational activities, which Culver City Real Estate benefits from, and also creates important ecological space for area wildlife. In the past it has suffered heavily from urban pollution, but with the creation of the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, as well as increased oversight by government and state agencies and private groups, its situation is improving. One such non-profit environmental group—Ballona Creek Renaissance—is sponsoring the Up the Creek! exhibit.

In connection with the show, there will be a panel discussion about Ballona wildlife, art, watershed, and future visioning on Thursday March 23rd. It will include City Councilman Thomas Small, former Ballona Creek Renaissance President James Lamm, Marian Curtis Tidwell, and Lucy Blake- Elahi and will be moderated by Molly Barnes. Light refreshments will be provided. Martin Feinberg, Realtor, hopes many will be able to attend.

Admission to the exhibition, which is located at 9000 Overland Ave., is free. There is on-campus parking available in the structure at the end of Albert Vera Drive. Call Molly Barnes at 310-553-7626 for more information.