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Culver City Chamber of Commerce Focuses on Busy February

Image is an arrow pointing up with the word "success" inside of it.Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, would like to draw readers’ attention to two dates this month that are important to the Culver City Chamber of Commerce. First, on Friday February 23 the Culver City Chamber of Commerce will be holding an Open Candidate Forum in preparation for Election Day on April 10. Also, they would like to remind Culver City business owners and operators that Business Tax Certificates must be renewed by February 28.

The Open Candidate Forum, which will take place at 7:30 at the Exceptional Children’s Foundation in the Kayne Eras Center at 5350 Machado Road, gives Culver City citizens the opportunity to hear from the four candidates running for City Council seats. The Forum will be run in a debate format and each candidate will answer questions on important issues facing the city in coming years.

The Culver City City Council is a five-person council and currently there are four candidates running for two available City Council seats.

After the debate concludes the Culver City Chamber of Commerce board of directors will vote on possibly endorsing one or two candidates that they believe would best represent the Culver City Real Estate area and its business needs.

The event will be filmed and made available at a later date for viewing by the public for those who can’t attend the live forum.

Besides being aware of the upcoming Open Candidate Forum, The Culver City Chamber of Commerce reminds business owners to renew their tax certificate by the end of February.

Existing business tax certificate holders should have received a renewal notice in the mail in December. The Chamber advises owners to refer to their Renewal Notice for instructions specific to their business activity.

Image is a 2018 desk calendar with sticky notes around it with words like "goal" "future" and "concept" around it.Additional instructions on processing your Renewal Notice and making an online payment can be found by visiting Paying online can speed up processing and enable businesses to receive their tax certificates more quickly.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that all payments must be processed (if online) or postmarked by the USPS (if by mail) on or before February 28, 2018 to avoid late payment penalties.