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Culver City Council Votes for Temporary Rent Freeze in City Limits

Image is a close up of the word Stop painted on asphalt.Local listing agent Martin Feinberg has learned that the Culver City Council voted Monday to enact a temporary rent freeze for the Culver City Real Estate area.  The temporary freeze will remain in effect as the city looks into a more permanent way of handling rent increase within the city.

The Council voted 4-1 on the temporary rent freeze during their June 24 meeting.  More than 100 people were able to share their feelings and opinions both for and against the idea of a rent freeze and the vote was made in front of the crowd.  Councilman Goran Eriksson gave the lone dissenting vote.

At the meeting the City Council directed city staff members to conduct a year-long study on rent increases.  They were asked to come back to the council after that time with recommendations on how to best address a permanent rent solution in the city.

The temporary rent freeze is retroactive and will apply from Monday, June 24, until the study by the city is completed.

Many Culver City landlords, some who were described as “mom and pop” renters, spoke against a rent freeze and the idea of permanent rent control.

“I feel like there’s a lack of progress,” said Richard Glaser, a landlord who has a property on Culver City.

“We have to compromise, we have to look at both sides,” said property owner Dan Milder.

Judy Scott, a 41-year resident of Culver City and a landlord with property in the city, talked to the council about the costs of maintaining her units, one of which was built in 1920. She stated that she was recently forced to spend $40,000 to reroof and paint all her units.

During the meeting the Vice Mayor reminded the council that Santa Monica and Hollywood have had rent control for a long time and yet their rent prices are higher than Culver City. He added, “I think the real question is what we can do to increase housing supply?”

Chris Estrada, Director of Community Organizing at the Community Center for Law and Action, disagreed with the idea that the high rents were due to a lack of supply though. He said it was “due to a lack of regulation.”

Members of Protect Culver City Renters group held a press conference before Monday’s vote, urging lawmakers to create a permanent rent freeze for residents.

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