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Culver City Figure Skater Advances to Nationals

When I hear a great story about a Culver City resident, clearly I am very eager to write about it. As a Culver City realtor selling Culver City condos and Culver City homes for decades, I like to inform my fellow neighbors and clients about how wonderful our community truly is.

Samir Mallya, an eight grader who attends an accredited online public school, balances his studies with his passion for figure skating like a true champion. Samir’s schedule, however, is not a schedule you would typically find your average pre-teen following.Samir practices his skating 30 hours a week, 6 days a week, gearing up for his biggest competition yet; The U.S. Figure Skating Nationals in St. Paul Minnesota, this coming January.

Young male figure skater performing

For some background, our 50 states are broken up into 9 separate regions. The Regional competition was this past October. Usually the top 4 figure skaters (both male and female) in each of the 5 different levels were able to advance to the Sectionals in November. On November 21st Samir earned the bronze metal in the Pacific Coast Sectional for the juvenile boys category. Huge congrats to Samir, as this qualified him to advance to the nationals.

Although a majority of people purchase Culver City Real Estate for our superior school system, Samir’s parents elected to keep him in a virtual school due to his demanding skating schedule. This allows him flexibility while pursing his dreams.

Believe it or not, Samir is relatively new to figure skating. Just 3 years ago, Samir was invited by a friend to the Culver City Rink. It was there he was re-introduced to the sport. After taking a stronger liking to skating the second time around, Samir grew more interested in learning better techniques and asked his mother to sign him up for group lessons.


As months passed, Samir began private lessons. A year later, he ended up moving to a different ice-skating rink, as they offered more serious training. Wherever Samir ends up, we should be proud of him. What great accomplishments he has made in just a small amount of time. I am excited to see what the future has in store for Samir and proud to say that he began his career right here in Culver City.