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Culver City Firefighters sent to Assist with Woolsey Fire

Image is of firefighters silhouetted against a hill on fire.The Culver City Fire Department has been sent to assist first strike teams working on the Woolsey Fire. The Culver City Fire Department was originally sent to assist with the Hill Fire in Ventura County but was moved to the Woolsey Fire as the blaze grew.

Culver City engines 41 and 42 were deployed on November 8 to Ventura County and joined strike team XLA-1075A.  This strike team was comprised of firefighters from Culver City, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills.  After an hour on the Hill Fire XLA-1075A was one of many teams sent to help with Woolsey.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that the Culver City firefighters’ main duties in assisting with the Woolsey fire were to clear brush and protect structures in Bell Canyon.

As most people are aware, the Woolsey Fire ignited last Thursday and has burned over 100,000 acres in southern California. As of this Tuesday, the Woolsey Fire continued to burn in Thousand Oaks and the northwest side of Malibu, though firefighters were making gains.  The entire city of Malibu had been evacuated by Tuesday morning, along with Bell Canyon, Oak Park, Topanga, Monte Nido, and a few others.

Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor was impressed to learn that Culver City Firefighters were spending as much as 48 hours at a time working to control the blaze, with high winds making the fire more volatile for most of the time.

Earlier in the week there was some fear among Culver City Real Estate area residents that the fire might reach the city but so far it has escaped any real danger. Culver City Fire Department officials have also assured citizens that the Woolsey Fire is not a threat.  Some Culver City firefighters remain in the area and were able to combat a small brush fire early Monday morning. Protecting Culver City still remains the main priority of the Culver City Fire Department.

Image is a line of Culver City Fire Department fire trucks.