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Culver City Receives Grant to help with Food Waste

Image is the produce section of a grocery store.Culver City was awarded almost $500,000 in grant money on Monday to help fight climate change. Specifically, the money will go towards eliminating food waste. Ironically, the Culver City Real Estate area is located in Los Angeles County, which is known for being the most food scarce county in the country.

Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, learned that seven Los Angeles charities along with Culver City were awarded a total of $2.1 million from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery. The money came from the department’s new Food Waste Prevention and Rescue Grant Program.

Each organization that received a grant has been asked to find and implement strategies for getting rid of the estimated six million tons of food waste that ends up in California landfills each year. At the same time, each organization must find ways to get more food onto the tables of those in need.

The new program is a part of California’s plan to fight climate change. It provided 31 projects with more than 9.4 million from CalRecycle to eliminate food waste and therefore cut down on those greenhouses gases caused by decomposing food.

According to Feed America, 12.2% (or nearly 1.3 Million) Angelinos go hungry each day. They also discovered that there are more children in Los Angeles County living without adequate food than anywhere else in the United States.

CalRecycle Director Scott Smithline stated, “Bolstering California’s food recovery infrastructure will help feed communities in need, create new jobs, and result in significant greenhouse gas reductions. Our hope is that these programs will inspire similar efforts throughout California.”

Image is a bulldozer working in a landfill.Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that the other Los Angeles County grant recipients are:

  • — Food Finders Inc., $100,000
  • — Food Forward, $500,000
  • — Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, $386,960
  • — St. Francis Center, $100,000
  • — The Midnight Mission, $100,000
  • — City of Culver City, $497,144
  • — Los Angeles Conservation Corps, $375,206
  • — Strong Food/L.A. Kitchen Inc., $389,387