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Culver City Reports Unofficial General Municipal Election Results

Image is a check and an X mark in boxes next to a pencil, symbolizing voting.As reported on Wednesday April 11, the special election to replace Sebastian Ridley-Thomas as representative for the California 54thState Assembly District ended with Sydney Kamlager gaining the seat.  The special election was not the only political race in question this month however.  Culver City held its General Municipal Election on Tuesday April 10 and unofficial results for that race are beginning to come in.

On Tuesday Culver City Real Estatearea citizens voted in the General Municipal Election to elect two city council members out of a field of four potential candidates.  Those prospective candidates were Marcus Tiggs, Daniel Lee, Harden Alexander “Alex” Fisch, and Albert P. Vera.

The current unofficial election results for the two open Culver City City Council seats are as follows:

Alex Fisch – 3,183
Daniel Lee – 2,768
Albert Vera – 2,598
Marcus Tiggs – 1,790

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, noted that Culver City residents also voted on Measure A this past Tuesday.  According to ballotpedia, Measure A was a question of whether or not Culver City would begin funding fire/paramedic/police protection, road repairs, youth programs, parks/recreation, and other general municipal services by taxing commercial marijuana cultivation and marijuana businesses.

If approved, Measure A would establish different tax rates for different kinds of marijuana businesses, from 1-1.5% for cannabis testing businesses up to 6-10% of gross receipts for adult-use marijuana retailers and $12 per square foot for plant cultivation.

Approval and adoption of Measure A requires a simply majority of votes.  So far, the current unofficial election results for Measure A are as follows:

Yes – 4,512
No – 812

The City Clerk’s Office is continuing to count provisional ballots and Vote By Mail ballots postmarked by April 10 and received through April 13.  Martin Feinberg, local listing agent, reminds readers that official election results for the General Municipal Election will be forthcoming.

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