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Culver City Holds Annual Community-Wide Disaster Drill

Image is a big red "help" button.Last night, Thursday October 19, the Culver City Fire Department, Culver City Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and the Culver City Amateur Radio Emergency Services Team (CCARES) activated the 13th Annual Culver City Community-Wide Disaster Drill.

Per the Culver City Community Disaster website page, “while the City has plans in place for a disaster, it is important that each individual who lives or works in the City does as well. And just as fire and police personnel practice their disaster plan, each individual must also.  The purpose of this drill is to give you an opportunity to prepare and practice your “disaster plan.” Moreover, it will give us – as a community – an opportunity to practice together. If we all cooperate and work together as a team, we can minimize the effects of a major disaster. “

Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor noted that the drill began at 7:00 and took place at several different places throughout the Culver City Real Estate area.

According to the City Drill organizers, “some of the many activities our trained volunteer community response teams [ran]-through [were] saving mock victims, activating search teams, practicing first aid and setting up triage stations.”

Though the drill is now over, the City is still asking residents and businesses to practice their own disaster plans at home and at work in order to make sure that the community will be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Image is a fire truck. “In the event of a regional disaster/emergency, resources will be overwhelmed quickly. Having well-trained volunteers that are willing to assist is crucial. We are grateful to have such capable teams serving the Culver City community! CERT and CCARES are comprised of Culver City resident volunteers trained by experienced peers and the Culver City Fire Department in disaster preparedness, fire safety and utility controls, disaster medical operations, light search and rescue operations and disaster psychology.”

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, encourages any who have further questions or concerns to contact the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Christine Parra at (310) 253-5909.