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Culver City Enters Agreement to help Improve Issues with LAX Airport

Image is of two air jet planes taking off and landing with the setting sun behind themCulver City has often had a love/hate relationship with its close proximity to LAX Airport. While there are benefits to being the airport’s neighbor, there have also been drawbacks, which Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, has experienced firsthand.

There is hope on the horizon though. Three groups—the Culver City City Council, the Los Angeles City Council, and Los Angeles World Airports—are entering an agreement that will allow for greater cooperation between LAX, Los Angeles, and Culver City.

Culver City Mayor Jeff Cooper is very excited about the prospect of the agreement and how it will help keep a positive relationship between all three parties.

Cooper went on to say, “We hope that this memorandum of understanding will ensure that traffic and other environmental concerns are addressed to protect Culver City residents, businesses, and surrounding communities.”

The agreement reached between all parties puts Culver City into the information and communication loop in regards to LAX future developments and also makes the city a stakeholder in any transportation advisory groups that Los Angeles may decide to create later. This will hopefully improve the airport region’s transportation system.

The memorandum also provides Culver City with significant funds for traffic improvement measures to help ease traffic congestion related to LAX projects.

$2.71 million dollars will go towards signal timing, data sharing, emergency response plans, and message signs that will provide important information to the public, especially concerning traffic interruptions. It will also provide Culver City funds that can be used toward the construction of an Intelligent Transportation System to coordinate with improvements made in Los Angeles.Image is of a jet liner taking off reflecting in a vehicle's side mirror.

This agreement between the three parties resolves Culver City’s legal challenge, which was based in part on the effects of a planned LAX specific project on the community.

The complaints by the city included issues with air quality, aircraft noise, and traffic.   Many Culver City streets serve as thoroughfares to and from LAX and parts of the community, including parts of Culver City Real Estate, were negatively affected.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, is excited to see how the new memorandum will improve the relationship between the Culver City Community and its neighbors.