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Culver City Kids will Cover Next Candidate Forum

For twenty-five years, Art Linkletter’s TV show captivated audiences as he interviewed children who hilariously gave their candid responses. I remember this show well and enjoyed watching it over the years. When it stopped airing, I wished that someone, somewhere, would do some sort of a spin-off. Well, my wish came true…and in my own community!


As your Culver City realtor selling homes for sale in Culver City, as well selling condos for sale in Culver City, I am pleased to announce that something widely entertaining is about to take place in our city.

The children in our community will have that same opportunity to get face-to-face with adults, (this time with our Culver City Council candidates). Here is how it will go down: students will only be allowed to ask questions. The questions will be written beforehand at their school, which will then be given to the candidates to read out-loud at the forum.

Boy holding a microphone conducting an interview, focus on microphone face is blurred iStock_000020691733_Small

Students can submit their questions before the show to the producer Michelle Mayans. Please email Michelle at

The ‘Ask 2 Know Kids Forum’ will be held in the Fine Arts Theatre on the West L.A. College campus at 9000 Overland Ave. in Culver City.

We will see how entertaining this becomes. Prepare yourself for a lot of belly laughs and memories to be shared. Hope to see you there and most of all, I hope you enjoy it!