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Culver City Mobility set to Receive Makeover in Preparation for Ivy Station

Image is a pedestrian and cycling road sign against a blue sky.Construction on the new Ivy Station Complex on the Expo line will begin soon and Culver City is focusing on better ways to connect the station with the Downtown region. For the past six months the Culver City Transit Oriented Development (TOD) District Visioning Study has focused on mobility planning in the TOD area. Last Monday its findings were presented to the Culver City City Council for evaluation.

The TOD study looked at different modes of mobility—including pedestrian, transit, bicycling, and automobile traffic—in order to explore better ways to connect the new station area with Downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Culver City community members helped with the study by participating in eight different workshops. These workshops were used to identify concerns and discover solutions. Residents have also been posting their concerns and comments online through the TOD’s interactive website at

The TOD Visioning team, which is comprised of Johnson Fain, Steer Davies Gleave, and KOA Corporation., presented the study’s recommendations to the City Council on Monday August 28. The Council will now review their findings.

Image is the rear of traffic jam at night.Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, was interested to learn, per a press release, that, “The TOD Visioning team’s recommendations include long-term modifications to the design of Washington Boulevard as the ‘main street’ of the TOD area. These modifications are designed to improve pedestrian access, use and safety; to discourage through-traffic use by automobiles with destinations other than Culver City; to facilitate transit convenience and efficiency; and to support access for the Culver City workforce. The recommendations also include traffic-calming measures to improve pedestrian and bicycle circulation within the TOD area and its adjoining neighborhoods. The study recommends changes to the City’s development standards within an expanded TOD District to enhance pedestrian access and the pedestrian experience on Washington Boulevard and to introduce a shared parking concept.  Other proposals include the introduction of micro-transit services to meet local circulation needs of residents and local employees; improved way-finding systems within the TOD area and Downtown Culver City; an integrated network of bike lanes and other facilities to link the neighborhoods; and an intensified program of Transportation Demand Management for both the TOD area and citywide coordination of a variety of mobility modes for Culver City.”

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, understands how mobility impacts a community. Citizens appreciate the Culver City Real Estate area in part because it is so well connected to surrounding communities. Improving those connections is good for everyone.