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The Culver City Patch Partners with the Red Cross to Improve Summer Safety

Most of us look forward to summer for a large part of the year and Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, is no exception. There is something magical about those summer months when the weather makes late nights, early mornings, and full days outside possible. Summer can also bring dangers with it though. For that reason, the Culver City Patch is partnering with the Red Cross to provide videos and guidelines on summer safety so that everyone can enjoy summer safely.

The Summer Safety Series is focusing on five different areas of care: Dealing with heat, safety while in or near the water, burn care and safety around snakes. This week the Patch is also providing a video link to teach about CPR.

Being Safe in the Heat

Combating the heat is one of the most important safety tips for both people and pets during the summer months. Heat can seem like merely a nuisance but it can quickly turn deadly.

Take extra precautions if you are working or spending time outside. You should only conduct strenuous activity in the early morning or late evenings and know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Remember to wear lightweight, loose fitting clothing and always drink plenty of water.

Summer heat is especially dangerous when combined with small, enclosed spaces like a vehicle. Always remember to “look before you lock” and never leave children or pets inside your vehicle. If you spot a child or pet left alone in a vehicle immediately call 911 and don’t’ be afraid to break a window if necessary to help a person need.

Water Safety

There are also safety tips to remember while enjoying the water. Swim in designated areas with a lifeguard present and never swim alone. Never leave a child unattended near water. It is always a good idea to enroll children and others in Red Cross sponsored swim classes to improve their ability to enjoy water safely.   Be prepared to respond to emergencies if needed.

Care for Burns

The number one thing to remember in burn care is to stop the burning as quickly as possible. This obviously means putting out any flames and removing the victim from the source of the burn. However, most people aren’t aware that burned skin will continue to be damaged until the skin itself is cooled. For this reason, cool burns with large amounts of cool water. Never use ice or ice water as this can actually cause more damage.

For minor burns cover the area with a clean, dry sterile bandage or cloth. Covering the burn will help with pain and also help decrease the chance of infection. For significant burns, or burns on children or the elderly, immediately seek medical treatment.

Do not forget that sunburns can also be dangerous.   Always wear sun protection and try to avoid sun exposure between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Drink plenty of water to help keep skin healthy and avoid heatstroke. Avoid drinks with alcohol or caffeine though.


Many people don’t realize that snakebites can just as easily happen on a hiking trail as they can in someone’s backyard. In California, and in every area of Culver City Real Estate, rattlesnakes are an ever-present danger. Always been aware of your surroundings. Teach children to keep an eye out for snakes when they are playing outside and to never touch or attempt to pick them up.

To lessen the chances of having a close encounter with a snake, be aware of the temperature and remember that in hot weather, snakes will seek out cool places to hide. In cold weather, snakes will seek out sun and heat. Watch where you step and where you put your hands when hiking.   It’s also a good idea to wear hiking books that go above the ankle and long pants to protect the lower extremities.

If you see a snake, do not try to scare it away or approach it. Give it plenty of room and either back away slowly or make a wide detour.

Image is of a a young girl in a sundress and sun hat walking away from the camera holding a stick in her hand that she is running against a wooden fenceGo to to see video guides–this week it is on when and how to perform CPR—and get more in-depth instruction on each of the categories above. Martin Feinberg, Realtor, hopes that everyone will take their safety and the safety of those around them seriously this summer so that all can enjoy the months ahead.