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Culver City Police Department Offers Reminders for a Secure December

Image is a cartoon of a burglar running away from a home with a bag of stolen items.Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, understands that no one wants to add to his or her stress during the holidays. However, the Culver City Police Department has put up a post on the City of Culver City Facebook page reminding citizens that December can be a prime month for break-ins and theft. For those who are planning on going away for the holidays, remember to protect your home and your belongings by following these simple steps:

  • Double- and triple-check all doors and windows before you leave. Make sure your house is as locked-up and secure as it can be in your absence. (Don’t forget the door leading to the garage!) Be sure to leave some curtains and blinds open to give the illusion that someone is around. Thieves tend to take note of a house that’s clearly been closed up.
  • Talk to a trusted neighbor about helping create a “lived-in” look. Have them use your outdoor trashcans and collect your mail, newspapers, and any delivered packages. If you’re taking a winter getaway, ask your neighbor to create tire tracks in your driveway and leave footprints leading up to your front door to create the illusion that someone is home.
  • Don’t forget to give your spare key directly to your neighbor rather than leaving it under the mat or in a faux rock or statue. Make sure you leave a contact number where you can be reached while you’re away.
  • Put timers on lights. Select a few rooms in your house to remain lit to reduce the chances that any thief casing the neighborhood will notice that you’ve been gone. Have outdoor lights, especially around entrances, set to light up every evening.
  • Lock your garage door and disconnect the automatic opener. This is an easy, but often forgotten step to keep your home safe while away. Garage doors seem like impenetrable forces so it’s easy to overlook additional steps in securing them.
  • Leave a radio on and turn down your doorbell. A battery-operated radio is a practical, cheap way to make it sound like someone is around. And since many burglars ring the doorbell or knock to see if anyone’s home turning down the sound of the doorbell combined with a loud radio will make thieves unsure if the house is empty or if the resident simply doesn’t hear the door.
  • Don’t advertise your trip. It’s pretty common for people to post all about their upcoming trip on social media, but avoid the urge. The more people who know your house will be empty, the more you open yourself up to the possibility of a break-in. Similarly, don’t leave a message on your landline answering machine that you’re out of town.
  • Consider buying a home security system. There are countless features with any security system, and some particularly valuable ones are outdoor motion detectors, sensors at exterior doors, windows, and the door attached to the garage, an outdoor alarm to alert other neighbors to an intrusion, and security cameras. Select the features that best fit your needs and be sure to go with a well-known, reputable company.
  • Keep shrubbery around entrances and walkways trimmed. You could even plant thorny shrubs by your windows to make it not only difficult to break in, but painful!

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, hopes that everyone within the Culver City Real Estate area has a wonderful Christmas season. Taking a few minutes to follow the advice of the Culver City Police Department will hopefully ensure that such is the case!

Image is a close up of Christmas boughs and berries against a red brick wall.