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Culver City Police Dept. Endorses Marcus G. Tiggs

As many of you know, selling Culver City homes for sale and Culver City condos for sale is not my only job. In order to be a top Culver City Realtor, I must stay ‘in the know’ of all the happenings in and around Culver City.

One group in particular that I like to stay in the loop with is the Culver City police department. In my eyes they are top-notch law enforcement, separate from LAPD.

Large letters that spell Police Department on a Building

Well, I am pleased to say that the ‘people’ have spoken. And by ‘people’ perhaps I should say The Culver City police department has spoken. It has just been announced that The Culver City police department is in support of Marcus G. Tiggs for Culver City Council.

Who is Marcus Tiggs, you ask? He has been a Culver City resident for 25 years. He is the current chair of the Fiesta La Ballona Committee and previously served two terms as the Culver City Planning Commissioner.

Hand of a person casting a ballot at a polling station during voting.

Mr. Tiggs was flattered by the endorsement. Who wouldn’t be? He sent out a warm thank you to the Culver City Police Department and its members, thanking everyone for their support.