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Culver City Police Try to Reunite Residents with Stolen Goods

If you were the unfortunate victim of a burglary sometime between January 1 and August 17, 2016, the Culver City Police Department is hoping to reunite you with your stolen goods.

Last summer a watch repair shop near downtown Los Angeles was raided by police and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen property was found. Police believe that some of it may belong to Culver City residents.

The raid took place on August 18th after police served a search warrant at a business located in Los Angeles that was reported to be “receiving stolen property,” according to an LAPD statement.  Stolen items were also recovered from the business owner’s home. Police haven’t identified either the business or the owner but charges are pending.

Police have stated that the recovered stolen items include “hundreds of pieces of jewelry, high-value purses, collectible coins and sunglasses.” The estimated value of the stolen property is around $300,000.

Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, is happy to learn that some citizens have already reclaimed their belongings. According to police, “two victims of residential burglaries and one victim of a commercial burglary have positively identified their property. The victims are located in the cities of Redondo Beach, Temple City, and Valencia.”

Any county residents who were victimized between January and August of last year are advised to visit a temporary police gallery at to see if any of the found items are theirs.   If someone believes they see their property listed, they should fill out a form and get it to the Culver City Police Department as soon as possible.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, can imagine how difficult being the victim of a burglary can be. Please take the time to visit the Culver City Police website if applicable and also spread the word so that everyone affected will have the chance for restitution. Culver City Real Estate is a safe place to look for a home but when bad things happen it’s good to know help is available.