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Culver City Remembers Victims of September 11 Terrorist Attacks

Image is of the September 11 terrorist attack memorial.This coming Monday will be the 16th anniversary of the 2001 September 11 terrorist attacks on America. In remembrance of those attacks on the East Coast the City of Culver City will be hosting ceremonies throughout the city. Residents and visitors are invited to attend.

Like most Americans, Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, remembers the horrors of that Tuesday in 2001, when Islamic terrorists flew planes into World Trade Center Buildings One and Two in New York City, as well as the Pentagon in Washington D.C. He also remembers the heroism of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 193, which ended with the loss of all on board. In total, 2,996 people lost their lives in the September 11 attacks, and over 6,000 people were injured.

Culver City will honor those who lost their lives in the September 11 terrorist attacks in sunrise ceremonies. According to a statement at “The City of Culver City will have a remembrance ceremony to honor the men, women, children and first responders who lost their lives as a result of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The Fire and Police Departments will host memorial services at each of the three City Fire Stations on Monday, September 11, 2017. Members of the public are cordially invited to attend.”

Each ceremony will proceed as follows:

  • 6:55 a.m. Crews assemble in front of flag
  • 6:59 a.m. Time of the South Tower collapse
  • 7:00 a.m. One minute of complete silence
  • 7:01 a.m. Flag lowered to half-staff
  • 7:03 a.m. Ceremony concluded

The ceremonies will take place within the Culver City Real Estate area at each of the three Culver City Fire Stations. Their addresses are:

  • 9600 Culver Blvd., Culver City
  • 11252 Washington Blvd., Culver City
  • 6030 Bristol Parkway, Culver City

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, encourages all who are able to attend.

Image is of a September 11 terrorist attack memorial.