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Culver City Residents get Discounts at City’s WATER FIRST Program

Image is an illustration of water being placed into a piggy bank.Local listing agent Martin Feinberg notes that April is Earthquake Preparedness Month. In honor of that designation, Culver City is now offering Emergency Water Storage Systems for purchase at a reduced cost as part of their WATER FIRST program.

Culver City’s WATER FIRST program is being offered to Culver City Real Estate area residents again this April.  This program, which is coordinated by the Culver City Fire Department, will allow residents to buy an emergency water storage system at a discounted cost.  The program is meant to help Culver City citizens increase their water storage and thus increase their ability to safely weather earthquakes or other disasters that would likely cause an interruption in city services such as the availability of drinking water.

The WATER FIRST program allows Culver City residents to purchase 55-gallon water containers for their personal disaster supplies at a cheaper, bulk price.

According to the Culver City Fire Department, “A person can survive weeks without food, but only days without water. The minimum recommended amount of stored water needed for disaster preparedness is 1 gallon per person per day. Once filled with a water preservative concentrate, the water will last 5 years.”

Each resident that purchases a 55-gallon Water Storage System as part of the WATER FIRST program will receive a 55 gallon water barrel, siphon pump, water preservative, 2 plastic caps, and a plastic bung wrench. The water storage barrel weighs 20.6 lbs. empty. Barrel dimensions are 35” x 24.25”. Water is not included as part of the storage system.

The cost of the complete water storage system is $98.55. The drums will be available at Fire Station 1, which is located at 9600 Culver Blvd. in downtown Culver City.

Image is a close up of a water barrel.Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, encourages all interested residents to go to More Prepared Culver City on the web at: to place an order.

For questions call Christine Parra (CCFD) at: 310-253-5909 or Ira Diamond at: 213-309-4084