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Culver City Rotary Club Helps Habitat for Humanity Build Homes

Image is four people locking arms in a circle and look down at a camera on the ground.February 23 was “build day” with the Habitat for Humanity in Culver City and Culver City Rotary Club volunteers, along with a large numbers of helpers from the Latinos Unidos Rotary Club, were among those who took part.

Culver City Rotarian Rod Miyata stated, “I’ve always wanted to do construction, but didn’t go down that path. Today gave me a slight taste of doing construction. I had a LOT of fun with that nail gun. I put up some siding. It was of course…a blast.”

Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, notes that ten homes are currently being built in the Culver City Real Estate area along Globe Avenue, between Washington Place and Washington Boulevard.  This “is the largest project ever undertaken by Habitat for Humanity,” according to Culver City Rotarian Carmela Raack.

Each home is in a different stage of completion.  Eight homes are in various stages of development and one or two are close to being done.  Two more duplexes are planned, which will result in four more houses, but ground hasn’t been broken on those yet.

According to Raack, volunteers complete 75% of the homes.  A professional construction team oversees the project and provides close supervision though.

“The city of Culver City has been advocates for this project for more than 10 years,” Raack said. “The city has closely worked with Habitat for Humanity, including vetting the future homeowners.”

As a condition to taking ownership of the home, the new owners must work or live in Culver City.  They are also required to take finance and home management classes, spend 500 hours working on the homes, and receive assistance in getting a home loan.

Raack stated that the Culver City Rotary Club has been involved in the project for almost two years, with another year or so to go.

“Five Rotary Clubs have joined together to pledge $75,000, which is the cost of half a house,” she added.

Volunteer Group Clearing Litter In Park Wearing Voulnteer T Shirt Smiling

Playa Venice Sunrise Rotary, Palos Verdes Sunset Rotary, Santa Monica Rotary, and Westchester Rotary have joined the Culver City Rotary Club in this endeavor.  The clubs worked together last July, and since then each club has scheduled a “build day.”

Culver City Rotary plans to host another build day on Oct. 5. Culver City residents are invited to participate.  Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that because only 40 volunteers will be needed on Oct. 5, those interested should add their name to a list by emailing

Contact the Culver City Rotary at for more information. Or call Carmela Raack at 310-641-0142; email her at