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Culver City’s Expo Line into Santa Monica is Almost Ready

I have some exciting news that I have waited patiently to announce to you all. When it comes to Culver City Real Estate, I hope that you look to me, out of all the Culver City Realtors, as your expert and trusted advisor who has been in the business almost 30 years.


As mentioned in a previous blog, the announcement of the NFL moving to Los Angeles (more specifically Inglewood) was monumental for the City of Los Angeles, however, the news I am about to share with you could be equally as significant especially if you are a home owner in Culver City.


The long awaited Expo Line extension from Culver City into Santa is nearly complete and will soon be ready for passengers to board. In fact, this past Friday January 15th the authority for construction who was in charge of building the rail line officially gave the green light to the Metro, allowing them to start operating.



So what is next? Santa Monica city stated that Metro will soon begin test runs. Once testing without passengers is complete, the maintenance facility for the Expo Line will hopefully deem it ready for public use. We should expect to hear an announcement from the Metro no more than 30 days after the test runs. What a day that will be!



Fun Fact: Did you know that this will be the first time, since 1953, that Santa Monica will be bringing passengers on trains?

In my opinion, not only do I foresee the values of Culver City homes for sale to be on the rise, I believe that many homes for sale in Culver City, as well as Los Angeles area as a whole, will see an upturn in the next decade as well.

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 12, 2015 : welcoming arch in Santa Monica, California. The city has 3.5 miles of beach locations and 340 days of sunshine a year.


Although there is no official word on when it will open to the public, many observers are saying that they strongly believe it will be at the end of January. Whenever it is, it will be a big day for Los Angeles indeed. In my eyes, LA hasn’t seen this big of a change in a very long time.