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Culver City’s Jack in the Box Sold to….Well, Jack In The Box

One of the biggest real estate companies on the West Coast, Charles Dunn Company, just finalized an all-cash sale for Culver City’s infamous Jack in the Box located on Sepulveda Blvd. The retail space, consisting of 9,309 square feet, cost $2,125,000.00

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The property was built in 1963 and Jack in the Box has been a tenant ever since. Did you know that this particular location was actually one of the first Jack in the Box chains to open its doors in the state of California?

Charles Dunn Company’s Ashley Saye and Justin Mendelson represented the seller. They are a partnership consisting of two charity organizations and two family trusts. Jack in the Box, Inc. exercised their right of first refusal when the Charles Dunn Company tried obtaining the first buyer.

Mendelson noted that it was the first time the property could be purchased since 1963. Also noted was that Jack in the Box does not usually choose to purchase a location unless the store is deemed irreplaceable and the sales are very good. That was most certainly the case for the Sepulveda Blvd. restaurant.


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Ashley Saye expressed that the location for this retail investment is very ideally located and extremely coveted for a retail investment within the Los Angeles area.

As your Culver City Realtor and expert, who is also considered as an expert in the West Los Angeles area, I would have to agree with Ms. Saye. Although I primarily work with Culver City real estate focusing on Culver City condos for sale as well as Culver City homes for sale, I too believe it is a very sound investment for West LA.

New owners of the chain, or not, I am sure my children and their friends will continue to visit the fast food restaurant. As for myself, I am not a huge fast-food guy, but it wouldn’t stop me from stopping by for a cold soda or something.