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Culver City’s Plan for the Homeless

There are many reasons why I love Culver City. As a Culver City realtor, selling Culver City Real Estate for decades, I am proud to live, work and sell in a community that has a strong focus on giving back.

I just learned that Culver City’s top city officials are beginning to establish new strategies to help the homeless as the winter weather sets in and El Nino approaches. This is great news, as I remember how severe the El Nino storms were back in 1997. It’s time like these I worry about those around us who are less fortunate.

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Luckily, City Manager John Nachbar and City Housing Administrator Tevis Barnes recently wrote a plan to respond to the safety concerns of those who do not have a home.

Here is a brief summary of the plan:

  • The Culver City Police Department along with the Saint Joseph Center Homeless Outreach Team will help spread awareness to the homeless of the many resources available for Shelter before El Nino hits.
  • There will be signs put up around the Wende Museum, Housing Office, Verterans Park as well as the Senior Center informing those in need of shelter that there are two locations available in West Los Angeles: Inglewood Armory and the Veterans Administration located in Westwood.
  • Signs will also be posted around Ballona Creek, for those who are living in and around the creek, warning them about the hazards of staying there and not seeking shelter. Information will be provided to them on the locations of where they can seek shelter and services.
  • The city will work to remove all homeless campgrounds and will continue to search for those who have not sought shelter during the whole season of El Nino.
  •  The city will provide food and motel vouchers in the form of a gift cards in the event of severe emergencies. They will also provide warm meals to those who seeking shelter and living in Ballona Creek.


As we all wait for this impending storm, predicted to be one of the most severe storms Southern California has experienced to date, I take comfort in knowing that not only Los Angeles as a city has implemented a plan, but Culver City, as it’s own municipality, had put a plan in place as well.