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Culver City’s Sit n’ Sleep Announces New Children’s Book

Sit n’ Sleep, one of California’s biggest mattress chains has now added a new facet to their business. Not only will Sit n’ Sleep continue to sell a plethora of mattresses, they will also now sell youth literature! Congrats to the retailer who is about to launch a new book for children called “While Ana Sleeps”

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The event will take place next week at 3853 Overland Ave right here in Culver City. If you can make it March 8th at 10 a.m. RSVP to or to It will be very special.

The Jenesse Center is a shelter that focuses on domestic violence and helping families re-establish themselves after violence occurs. As for Padres Contra El Cancer, it is a charity that provides help to Latino children who have been diagnosed with cancer. The organization focuses on Latino children in the Los Angeles area, and of course, helps the families of those children as well.

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There will be celebrities in attendance, although I have not been told whom yet. As Culver City Realtor one would think I would be “in the know,” especially with the volume of Culver City Real Estate I sell. Well, I will have to wait like everyone else. Clearly this type of knowledge isn’t a perk of working with Culver City homes for sale and Culver City condos for sale.

This I do know, however: the book “While Ana Sleeps” is available to buy at all 33 Sit ‘n Sleep locations, in addition to being available online for purchase too. Both charities websites will sell the book for $3.95 per copy.

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While Ana Sleeps,” will teach children why it is crucial to get a good night’s sleep. The story is told through Ana, a lively, creative and enthusiastic young girl. Larry Miller, the CEO of Sit n’ Sleep felt it was a good idea for parents to have a creative and unique wayt o talk to their children about sleep!