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Culver Hotel to host Centennial Finale Vintage Masquerade this Saturday

Image is of a yellow illustrated masquerade mask.On Saturday September 23rd the Culver Hotel will be hosting the Centennial Finale Vintage Masquerade. The black-tie affair will include dinner, dancing, and cocktails. There will also be live music. The party begins at 8 p.m.

Maya Mallick, Culver Hotel owner, stated that they event will not only celebrate Culver City’s 100th birthday, but it will also mark ten years that she has owned the hotel. Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, remembers the hotel before Mallick’s improvements. As she said, it is now a “classically modern beacon of Culver City.”

The Culver City Real Estate area has seen both prosperous and lean times through the years, and the old Culver Hotel was an example of that. When Mallick bought the building it was not in great shape, but she knew that it could change and improve, just like Culver City itself over the years.

“From the time I’ve been here I’ve already seen such a huge change in the past few years,” Mallick said. “There’s so many new projects going on…that is happening right in front of the hotel which will bring a whole new energy to the downtown area and the Ivy Station.”

The guest list for the Culver Hotel Masquerade is expected to include Culver City Mayor Jeffery Cooper as well as other key members of the community. Culver City based businesses and organizations such as Smashbox and the Movember Foundation will also take part in the celebration. The theme will be “Then and Now”.

According to Mallick, “The goal is to highlight Culver City’s very rich past in all these different areas and highlight how innovative and dynamic it is now and going into the future. I really wanted to celebrate the history of Culver City so that’s where the ‘then and now’ came from.”

Image is a colored illustration of champagne on ice and four full glasses.In order to help support the theme, Mallick will be serving wines from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery’s “Director’s Great Movies” label. These will include wines with such names as King Kong and Wizard of Oz. The Ruby Slipper—the official centennial cocktail—will be featured at the event.  Duke Spirits, a whiskey company founded by Ethan Wayne, son of legendary Hollywood actor John Wayne, will also take part in the celebration.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, encourages those who are interested in attending the event to contact for more information. Tickets for the celebration are $110. It will be a great way to honor Harry Culver’s vision of what Culver City would eventually be.