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Culver-Palms Meals on Wheels Serves those in need in Culver City

Image is a senior couple sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean on a sunny day.Culver-Palms Meals on Wheels has been serving the Culver City Real Estate area and the surrounding communities since 1974. The independently operated nonprofit offers meals while allowing area seniors to connect with volunteer visitors.

In the Culver-Palms Meals on Wheels program, Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that volunteers typically deliver the meals.  These helpers devote a few hours a week to pack the meals and then “hand-deliver prepared meals to home-bound individuals,” said Pam Frieden, Culver-Palms Meals on Wheels executive director.

Frieden continues, “The majority are senior citizens who are unable to shop, prepare and cook a meal for themselves.”  Currently, “about 90 volunteers and three part-time workers together donate about 650 hours per month.”

“It is such a rewarding organization that touches the lives of individuals that otherwise may have been forgotten, ” said Rich Kissel, Board Member.

Local listing agent Martin Feinberg was interested to learn that the price of a meal, including delivery, is $7.  Frieden stated that Culver-Palms Meals on Wheels pays what the recipients can’t. An estimated 30% of the recipients cannot afford to pay the full $7.

“Because we don’t get government funding, we need the community to support us,” Frieden said.  “I love when a neighbor calls to say that they have a neighbor who is in need and pays for a few months worth.”

According to the website, Culver-Palms Meals on Wheels also does a safety check for all meal recipients.

Beyond the nutrition, Meals on Wheels also provides much-needed visits and personal connection for many recipients.  The program also provides an opportunity for someone to check in on the recipients once a day, and get help if needed.

“When a volunteer knocked on the front door of a senior citizen who did not answer, she became concerned and peered through the window. She could see him sitting on the couch. She raised her voice asking him to answer the door. When he opened the door, it became obvious he needed medical attention because there was a large gash on his head. Thankfully the volunteer was there to notify emergency personnel to get him the help he needed.”

Image is someone carrying a tray with food on it.Frieden also explained that for those with specific dietary needs  “accommodations can in most cases be made by the staff if an individual has a dietary restriction or in some cases even a food preference.  We want to make sure they will eat what we are bringing them.”

Information about Meals on Wheels can be found by visiting here.