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Culver Steps Project in Downtown Culver City Finally sees Completion

Image is a rendition of the Culver Steps in Culver City California.Martin Feinberg, Realtor, is pleased to learn that the Culver Steps are now officially completed. Development of the urban hub in downtown Culver City, which is backed by Hackman Capital Partners and is owned by it and the Culver Hotel, began in November 2017.

The Culver Steps features 75,000 feet of office space and 40,000 feet of retail area. It received an award in June 2018 for it’s state-of-the-art design from Los Angeles Architectural Awards.

“We’re thrilled to be among such an innovative and prestigious group of winners,” said Mike Racine, Hackman Capital’s Vice President of Asset Management.

The Culver Steps is located between the Culver Studios, also owned by Hackman Capital Partners, and the Culver Hotel, within the Culver City Real Estate area.

Ryan Smith, Managing Director of Hackman Capital Partners, stated, “Culver City is booming with technology, media and entertainment companies-and more are coming-which means The Culver Steps will draw from a population of high-earning professionals who work and live nearby.”

Amazon Studios, which is a subsidiary of Amazon, is currently leasing 75,000 square feet of office space in the Steps.

“Amazon Studios is a world-respected, award-winning content producer,” said Michael Hackman, founder and CEO of Hackman Capital Partners. “And we are thrilled to welcome them to Culver City.”

The Culver Steps project was lauded as a crowning achievement for Culver City even before it began construction.  In 2017 then Culver City Mayor Jeff Cooper acknowledged the potential the project had to bring more life and revenue to the downtown area.

Mayor Cooper stated, “When complete, The Culver City Steps will be the crowning achievement of our downtown. With the recent announcement of Amazon Studios’ relocation to the adjacent Culver Studios, coupled with the energy that already exists in the area with nearby movie theaters, the Kirk Douglas Theater, restaurants, and The Culver Hotel, this project with its expansive open space is certain to function as the heart of downtown Culver City and create a welcoming environment for all to enjoy.”

Local listing agent Martin Feinberg agrees with Ryan Smith’s assessment that The Culver Steps will enhance the area and the city in general.

“The public plaza, with its open green spaces and park-like environment, will make The Culver Steps a truly unique destination, not just for shopping and dining, but for outdoor movies, evening concerts and other special events,” Smith said. “The entire development will be a great addition to Culver City.”

Image is the Culver City city sign.