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Early Results for Measure CC Suggest Half-Cent Tax will Pass

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Tuesday was Election Day in the Culver City Real Estate area and early tallying for the proposed Measure CC gave it a strong chance of passing.  Martin Feinberg notes that Measure CC is a continuation of the current Measure Y, which is a half-cent sales tax added to the normal statewide sales tax for California.

According to a City of Culver City press release, “Currently, Measure Y will sunset in the year 2023.  If approved by Culver City voters, Measure CC would extend Measure Y by 10 more years.”

Estimates by city officials show that if passed, Measure CC ‘s half-cent sales tax would generate roughly $9.8 million dollars annually until 2033.

Revenues from Measure CC, just as with the current Measure Y, would fund:

  • Police, fire, and public safety services
  • 911 emergency response
  • Programming for seniors and youth
  • Maintenance of parks and recreation centers
  • Street repairs and traffic improvements
  • Emergency preparedness efforts and resources

As reported by the Culver City Patch, as of 9:43 p.m. last night 73.60 percent of the votes were in favor of Measure CC, with 26.40 percent voting NO on the new Measure.

The City also reminded residents that “The half-cent sales tax (in other words, 5 cents for every $10 spent) applies only to certain goods and services within Culver City, such as restaurants, bars, gasoline, and retail stores like clothing stores. It does not apply to most groceries or the services of a doctor, dentist or attorney.”

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According to public record, and as of Jan. 3 in Los Angeles County, 88.91 percent of the 6,184,646 eligible voters were registered.  Out of that 5,498,704, 51.11 percent are registered Democrats, 16.81 percent are registered Republicans, 2.4 percent are registered American Independents and 0.42 percent are registered Green Party.

To learn more about Measure CC local listing agent Martin Feinberg suggests visiting the City of Culver City website.