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Exchange Club to Host Tribute to Heroes Event Veteran’s Day Weekend

Image is a Veteran Holding an American Flag.The Exchange Club of Culver City is addressing the growing problem of homeless veterans in Los Angeles County by organizing a Culver City Tribute to Heroes—Field of Valor during the Veteran’s Day holiday weekend of November 9-12. Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that the Culver City Chamber of Commerce and the City of Culver City will be partnering with the Exchange Club for the event.

As part of the the Tribute to Heroes the Exchange Club is hoping to display 1,000 American flags at Veteran’s Memorial Park.  This would be in commemoration of the sacrifice of American veteran’s, military service members currently serving, fallen heroes, Gold Star Families, and first responders.

Individuals interested in sponsoring a flag can do so with a $50 donation. Businesses or individuals interested in sponsoring blocks of flags can start at the “Bronze Hero” level of $500 and go up to “Platinum Hero” for $10,000.  All higher-level sponsors for this event will receive special recognition.

According to news sources, “each full-size flag will be mounted on an eight-foot standard with a yellow ribbon showing the name of the person to be honored and an insignia designating their branch of service. Flag sponsors will be encouraged to post personal notes, mementos or photos of those being honored on each flagpole. A full list of the honorees will be published.”

The flags will be on display through the Veteran’s Day weekend. The Tribute to Heroes will begin with an opening ceremony on the steps of the Culver City Veteran’s Auditorium at 10 a.m. on Saturday Nov. 9.

Earl Eskridge, a 92-year-old Navy Veteran and Past President of the Culver City Exchange, stated, “Everyone knows someone who has served and sacrificed to safeguard our way of life.  Each of our heroes deserves to be recognized and remembered. The truly great thing is that all the profits from this event will help us in our push to end the tragic cycle of homelessness for America’s Vets.”

Local listing agent Martin Feinberg was pleased to learn that all proceeds from flags for the event will be donated to New Directions for Veteran’s.  New Directions is a non-profit group run by veterans to help fellow veterans in need.

Image is a field of American Flags with yellow ribbons tied on each flag pole.Colin Diaz, president and CEO of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, stated, “This is a terrific way for our local businesses to support our heroes while addressing the critical problem of homelessness among America’s Vets. At the Culver City Chamber, we really hope that our entire business community gets behind this important effort.”

To learn about becoming a flag sponsor for this Culver City Real Estate area event, or about the opening ceremonies, visit To find out more about New Directions for Veterans, visit