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Extreme Heat Comes to Southern California

Image is a cartoon sun with angry eyes.The National Weather Service (NWS) is forecasting extreme heat in the next week or so and Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, hopes that everyone takes the necessary precautions to stay safe while enjoying the summer temperatures.

According to a NWS statement, areas away from the coast will experience an “extended period of hot and dry weather conditions through at least early next week.” Temperatures should rise daily. There is a chance that the heat wave will magnify early next week, causing critical warning level heat in portions of the San Gabriel Mountains and Antelope Valley.

The statement continues, “while there may be some cooling near the coast over the weekend due to an increase in onshore flow, interior sections are expected to remain hot and dry.” There will probably not be much relief overnight either.

The NWS also warns against the increase in fire danger that rising temperatures will cause. “The extended period of hot and dry conditions along with drying fuels (vegetation) will bring elevated fire danger to interior sections of southwest California through at least early next week,” according to the statement. “Increased grass fire ignition with rapid spread potential will be the main fire weather threat.”

Image is of a boy in swim trunks being doused with a bucket of cold water.Beyond the fire danger, the prolonged extreme heat will increase risk for those who are sensitive to heat, such as those without access to adequate cooling options or hydration. People should be wiling to reduce the length of time spent in the sun, drink more water than normal, and check on friends and neighbors—especially senior citizens—during this time. And of course, never leave people or pets in parked cars with the windows closed.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, reminds everyone that Culver City Real Estate residents should escape the worst of the heat wave but there will likely be some areas of warmer temperatures in that area as well, so take precautions when necessary.