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Four ways Property Managers keep Summer Landscaping Looking Good

Image is a close up shot of the front of a blue and silver lawn mower in a yard.Summer’s in full swing, and for property managers like Martin Feinberg this means looking for easy and cost-effective ways to keep a property’s landscaping looking pleasing and well-maintained.

Below are four landscaping ideas that property managers should consider to help keep their summer landscaping in good shape.

Water a Normal Amount at the Right Time

Many lawn care professionals advise watering in the morning or at night to help make sure the water gets to the roots of the plants.  Though some people are tempted to water during the hottest parts of the day when plants might seem to need it most, watering at those times will just insure that more water is evaporated into the air than goes into the ground.  Plus, some types of grass become dormant during the hottest times so they aren’t able to efficiently absorb water then anyway.

Watering in the morning or at night will help keep plants more hydrated, but night waterers should be cautious.   In some climates property managers who water at night will run the risk of keeping grass too damp for too long and breeding fungus.

Whether watering happens in the morning or at night, property managers need to be careful not to overwater during summer months.  Unexperienced property managers might be tempted to water too often during the summer because it’s hot, but overwatering doesn’t benefit the lawn and will cost more in the long run.   Grass should be deeply watered every couple of days rather than lightly watered daily.

Mow Often but keep it Long

Regular mowing helps keep a property looking well-maintained but mowing to the proper length is just as important.  Keeping grass longer can resolve a lot of problems before they start. Some property managers might request that gardeners mow their lawns close to the soil as a way to extend the time between mowing but that will result in a brown and patchy yard.  Grass needs to be a certain length to handle drought and fight weeds and pests so mowers should be set to the longer settings to help keep it healthy.  Plus, longer grass has a deeper green color and needs less water.


To help keep damage from summer thunderstorms to a minimum, property managers should always be on the lookout for dead tree limbs that need to be cut away. Bushes and vines also need to be kept in check as they can be the perfect way for termites and other pests to cause exterior damage, can interfere with air conditioning units, or even trap moisture against a property’s foundation.  Keeping landscaping trimmed will usually help minimize the risks of burglars as well.

Image is a watering can watering flower bushes.Plant the Right Plants

Drought-tolerant shrubs and flowers are a necessity for most property managers. They conserve water, are low maintenance, and save time, all while improving a property’s curb appeal.  When buying flowers property managers should make sure to buy perennials rather than annuals.  Perennials will continue to bloom year after year while annuals need replanting each year and are too much of an inconvenience and expense for experienced property managers to deal with.