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Full Service Property Management

  • Rental
    • Advertise vacancy in numerous online sites
    • Take online applications
    • Check employment, past landlords and references
    • Full background check for criminal and evictions
    • Full credit check
    • Prepare lease agreement with all necessary disclosures
    • Obtain tax returns and bank statements for self-employed applicants
    • Obtain W-2 and current pay stub for salaried applicants
    • Obtain copies of driver’s license for positive identification
  • Property Prep -Owner approves any prep work bids (if prep is necessary) and we have all the work completed.
  • Management – Collect rents, schedule and manage any repairs, pay all bills (property tax, insurance, HOA dues, gardener, etc.)
  • Online Portal – Tenants pay rent, owners review statements
  • Maintenance – Regular visual inspection of property with recommendations to owner if necessary.  Tenants may request maintenance via the online portal or by phone or email.
  • Compliance – We insure that all properties are compliant with government required safety features, such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, earthquake gas shut off valves, etc.  We also provide all mandatory disclosures required by law.
  • Keeping Your Rents Up to Date – Regular reviews of rental market to insure rents are adjusted if the rental market dictates.
  • Photograph property prior to move-in and move-out
  • Owner disbursements on monthly basis
  • Monthly statements and year-end accounting summary with 1099’s
  • Perform written Move-in and Move-out inspections
  • Extensive network of contractors, vendors and handymen with long history of performance