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The Great California ShakeOut is Happening in Culver City this Thursday

Image is a crack in the asphalt.With the recent devastation caused by Hurricanes Michael and Florence, Martin Feinberg, Realtor is reminded that the Culver City Real Estate area is in the middle of earthquake country.  Understanding what to do when an earthquake occurs can greatly increase a person’s ability to survive when it happens.  This is why the Great California ShakeOut was created.

The Great California ShakeOut is held annually on the third Thursday of October, coinciding with the ShakeOut International Day of Action.  The self-led drill will begin this Thursday October 18 at 10:18 and will provide an opportunity for area residents to practice how to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On.”

In the event of an earthquake, Culver City first responders advise citizens to:

  • DROP where you are, onto your hands and knees

This position helps keep a person from being knocked down and also allows them to stay low and crawl to shelter if nearby.

  • COVER your head and neck with one arm and hand

If a sturdy table or desk is nearby, a person should crawl underneath it for shelter. If no shelter is nearby, crawling next to an interior wall (away from windows) is another option.  Either way, it is important that people remain ontheir knees, bending over to protect vital organs.

  • HOLD ON until shaking stops

While under shelter a person should hold on to it with one hand while being ready to move with the shelter if it shifts.  In the absence of a shelter, a person should hold on to their head and neck with both arms and hands.

For those residents that wish to participate in Thursday’s 14thAnnual Community-Wide Disaster Drill, which is a separate event from the Great California ShakeOut, they can:

  • Practice Drop, Cover, Hold On at 7:00 p.m.
  • Activate your family disaster plan and ensure that everyone is “OK.”
  • Place your OK sign in a window or area that is visible from the public right-of-way. If you don’t have an OK sign, feel free to download and print one or make one yourself.

The Culver City Fire Department will practice activating their earthquake disaster plan. This entails simulating that a large scale earthquake has occurred, conducting internal assessments of each fire station and apparatus, relaying internal damage assessment information to the on duty Battalion Chief and then driving through pre-designated disaster evaluation routes.

For more information on the Great California shakeout go online to:

Image is an ambulance bay in a hospital.