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A Helpful Guide to Handling Parking as a Property Manager

Image is a no parking sign.Parking is usually important to prospective tenants.  No one wants to have to park long distances from his or her front door, and most rental properties come with some accommodation to allow for parking near the unit.  Just like with most other aspects of property management, parking allowances can sometimes end in parking problems.  When parking violations happen, professional property managers must be prepared to handle them.

There are a few simple procedures that property managers and rental property owners can do to help ensure that parking in or near their units’ works smoothly and legally.

First, if the unit is located in an apartment building or complex, there should be a simple way for property managers to recognize which cars have a right to be there and which are parked illegally or belong to guests.  One simple way to handle that is to give colored stickers to all tenants. A dot on the review mirror is easily seen from outside of the car and will not be in anyone’s way or forgotten.

Second, if a unit is located in an apartment building or complex, guest parking should also be provided. Tenants appreciate knowing that if someone comes to see them, there will be a place for them to park.  If guest parking cannot be designated in a specific area, then visitor passes should be available.

By following both of these simple procedures property managers will always know who comes and goes on the property they manage.   This helps protect both the tenant and the investment property owner.

If a tenant does park illegally, then a good property manager will have a procedure in place to handle it.  Warning tickets should always be given.  It’s also good policy to have a contract with a towing company so that illegally parked vehicles can be taken care of as soon as possible.  If a car appears to be abandoned, law enforcement should be notified immediately.

Parking violations don’t need to ruin a tenant’s or an owner’s day. Property managers like Martin Feinberg are always prepared to handle ever scenario, and they understand what it takes to keep tenants happy while keeping rental property owners happy at the same time.

Image is a black and white illustration of a tow truck towing a car.