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Holiday Tree Lighting Already on the mind of Some Culver City Residents

Image is a close up of a bunch of holiday lights.Though it’s not yet Halloween, there are some within the Culver City Real Estate area that already have Christmas on their minds.  This became especially apparent on Tuesday, when a proposal to merge the Holiday Tree Lighting at Veterans Park with the Culver City Downtown Business Association’s tree lighting, was presented at a meeting of the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Board.

Local listing agent Martin Feinberg noted that if the proposal is adopted the community event would take place on Thursday, December 5 at the newly finished Culver Steps in Downtown Culver City.

According to news sources, the main reason for the proposed merge of the two events was to resolve the competition that went on between them.  Because both celebrations normally happened a day a part, with the Vets Park lighting taking place on the first Thursday of December and the Downtown Business Association’s event taking place on the first Friday, the events competed with each other for entertainment and crowds.

Image is a close up of a pine tree.The newly proposed revelry would follow a more “open party” format, with many different types of entertainment and a full live stage. There was also talk of a portable ice-skating rink being included in the affair.

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, also noted that discussion on the best way to handle the lighting of the tower at Veterans Park also took place during the board meeting.  It was suggested that the lighting of the tower could take place on the same night at as the lighting of the Holiday Tree at the Culver Steps though the tower at Veterans Park is not visible from that location.