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Local Culver City Subway Hero

We have a local hero here in town. His name is Adrian Kaczmarek, but he also goes by “Viking Guy”. Well, now he can certainly add “Subway Hero” to his list of names as well.


Being that I have been both a resident and trusted Culver City Realtor for almost 3 decades, selling both condos for sale in Culver City, as well as homes for Sale in Culver City, I certainly hear a lot of news within our community over the years. This news, however, I have never heard anything like it. Actually, for that matter, I have never heard of someone so brave as well.

Well, the story goes there was a shirtless passenger on the EXPO Line as it arrived into the Culver City Station. The shirtless man was out of control and being very aggressive towards other passengers. It was undermined at the time if he was armed with a knife or gun. Adrian was brave enough to step in, and take him down.


Many passengers tried to protect themselves, but as the harassment continued, Kaczmarek put the shirtless man in a headlock. Soon the suspect peacefully passed out (still alive) on the floor. When police officers arrived they confirmed the man was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol. Thankfully, the shirtless man was arrested and sent to jail.


Kaczmarek is a hero indeed. There has been an outpour of praise for the way he handled the situation on social media. Thanks for keeping Culver City safe, Adrian!