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Culver City Votes Approve Measure C and Measure D in November Vote

Image is of a sign that reads "polling station."Culver City Real Estate area residents voted on two measures on Tuesday November 6, with both measures receiving a majority of yes votes by Wednesday morning. Martin Feinberg, Realtor, noted that 27 out of 27 precincts voted to approve Measure C and Measure D on Election Day.

Wednesday November 7 showed that Measure C—the Culver City Neighborhood Safety and City Services Protection Measure which amounted to a quarter-cent sales tax—received 8,266 “yes” votes and 3,560 “no” votes (69.9% and 30.1% respectively).

On Measure C, the City of Culver City website stated,”After declaring a fiscal emergency, the City Council has placed the Culver City Neighborhood Safety and City Services Protection measure on the November ballot to ensure the City can continue providing the current level of public services for residents. Measure C will require approval by a majority of those voting on the measure. All Measure C funds will be kept in Culver City.

Measure C, if approved, will raise funds to maintain the current level of public safety efforts–including 911 emergency response, firefighters, police officers and paramedics–and fund City services such as after school youth programs, senior services and street repairs.”

Like Measure C, Measure D also passed the voting test. Measure D—the Proposed Charter Amendment—received 9,160 “yes” votes and 1,987 “no” votes ((82.17% and 17.83% respectively).

According to Ballotpedia, a yes vote was “a vote in favor of changing the date of the city’s general elections from April of even-numbered years to the date of the statewide general election (November of even-numbered years).  This change will begin in 2020.

Local listing agent Martin Feinberg notes that Culver City residents also approved Measure K on November 7.  Measure K is a parcel tax put on the ballot by the Culver City Unified School District. It will allow the district to levy a parcel tax on property within the district’s jurisdiction.  The tax will last for seven years.

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