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Measure K Backed by Culver City Chamber of Commerce Directors

Image is the word tax in giant red letters.Martin Feinberg, Realtor, was interested to learn that the directors of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce have chosen to support Measure K.

According to Voter’s Edge website, “Approval of Measure K would authorize the Board of Education of the Culver City Unified School District, which placed the Measure on the ballot by Resolution No. 29/2017-2018, to levy a special parcel tax of $189 per parcel per year on taxable real estate property. If approved, the Tax will be levied annually beginning July 1, 2019, and continue for seven years.”

The money collected by the special parcel tax would be used to fund core programs in math, science, technology, engineering, art, and music.  It would also help provide stable and secure funding for schools, maintain small class sizes, support participation in sports, and attract and keep teachers.  None of the money can be used for administrators’ salaries, benefits, or pensions.

Local listing agent Martin Feinberg notes that the decision by the Culver City Chamber of Commerce was reached after Commerce members met with Culver Unified School District Superintendent Leslie Lockhart and Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Robert Quinn.

Chamber of Commerce members, who represent the business interests of the Culver City Real Estate area, wanted to become better educated on Measure K.  The Parcel Tax would raise an estimated $2.3 million dollars annually during the seven years that it was valid, and would address some major financial needs of the School District.

Image is a pile of books with apples on top and chalk on the side in front of a chalkboard.“I appreciated both Leslie and Robert’s candor and honesty about the situation, as well as the planned use of the proposed Parcel Tax. The two-pronged approach that Robert Quinn has to both ‘protect against cuts’ and ‘add or enhance programs’ shows that the District has given careful consideration to how to both stem past shortcomings as well as build for the future,” said Colin Diaz, President and CEO of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce.