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Sold By Martin in Raintree


Raintree Culver City, CA

Raintree is a gated condo and townhome complex located off Jefferson Bl. Approximately ½ mile east of Overland.  The complex has two sections…as you drive in to the left would be the townhome section with approximately 210 tri-level townhomes with private garages.  And to the right are the condo buildings with approximately 350 units.  The condo buildings are all 3 stories with one bedroom units ranging around 750 square feet to 2-bedroom units ranging up to about 1,300 square feet.  The townhomes range from about 1,400 square feet to about 1,900 square feet with a few units just over 2,000 square feet.  The Raintree grounds are beautiful and parklake with mature trees, clubhouse, pools and a lake.  The townhome section has tennis as well.