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New Earth Partners with Culver City Police Department to help Youth

Image is a drawing of two hands in handcuffs, arms raised, in black against a white background.Martin Feinberg, Realtor, was interested to learn that the Culver City Police Department will be partnering with New Earth to give troubled youth a second chance at freedom.  New Earth is an organization that offers both artistic and educational programs to juveniles incarcerated in Los Angeles and Orange County detention facilities.

The New Earth program will provide youth arrested within the Culver City Real Estate area with “mentor-based creative arts and educational programs including poetry, music production, gardening, and fitness.”  Once released from the program the youth will join the New Earth Arts & Leadership Center in Culver City. There they have access to career training, jobs, a fully accredited High School education program, mentorship, case management, nature expeditions, arts programming, and services meant to help them successfully transition back into their communities.

Kids who choose to join the program will have to complete a six-month course with New Earth. The main purpose of the organization is to teach leadership skills with the hope that troubled youth will make better, more law-abiding, decisions going forward.

New Earth Clinical Program Director Marni Baim stated, “New Earth is happy to welcome and mentor young people through the Culver City Youth Diversion Program.  Utilizing trauma-informed and arts-based diversion courses to empower youth by exploring identity and purpose, we look forward to shaping new leaders. Once youth enter the juvenile justice system, they often find it difficult to get out of a pipeline that can last a lifetime, which is why we’re committed to getting them on the path of success.”

A clinical case manager will be responsible for helping participating youth follow the parameters of the program.

“To lay the foundation for successful adulthood, it is important for youth to be mentored and guided into safe and healthy lifestyles early,” said Culver City Police Department Captain Sam Agaiby. “Through participating in the Youth Diversion Program, we are hopeful that we can divert youth from going down the wrong path while keeping our community safe.”

Detectives will determine which juveniles will have the choice of enrolling in the New Earth program instead of being arrested.  Once a participant successfully completes the program, that youth’s name will be completely removed from the juvenile justice system.

Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells said, “The city is excited to have this program guiding our youth toward brighter futures. “The partnership between New Earth and the Culver City Police Department will help foster a pathway to success for our kids, and lead to a safer community for all.  We’re thankful to New Earth and LA County for this opportunity to divert youth away from incarceration and into an environment where they can truly heal, thrive, and succeed.”

Local listing agent Martin Feinberg encourages any who are interested in more information on New Earth or the Youth Diversion Program, to visit

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