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The Patch Mayor Program Allows Culver City Residents Chance to Shine

Image is a block of gray words against a white background that say things like share, radio, data, web, Facebook, popular, friends, etc.The Patch, a national website that allows locals to keep up with news and events in their area and also contribute content, is offering a new volunteer program that will allow Culver City Real Estate area residents to get more involved in their community—the Patch Mayor program.

Martin Feinberg, Culver City Realtor, is excited to learn that the Patch Mayor Program allows people who love their communities an opportunity to share that enthusiasm and expertise on local activities with those not as well connected. Patch’s reporters will continue to cover Culver City’s big news, but they will work with Patch Mayors as a way to give residents more of a voice on Patch sites.

According to the Patch website, local Patch Mayors will have the ability to:

  • Post stories on Patch and social media to spread the word about charity events, local celebrations, civic issues, weather, new restaurants or businesses, and more
  • Guide local conversations as the host of your Patch
  • Reach your neighbors and fellow residents through daily newsletters
  • Earn the recognition of your Patch community

Being a Patch Mayor isn’t for everyone however.  The ideal Patch Mayor should be civic-minded, sociable, and plugged into what people in the neighborhood are saying and doing.  He or she should also like to write, be active on social media, and be excited to share the stories of his or her community.

Per the Patch, “If you’ve ever wanted to write a blog about your neighborhood or town, this is your opportunity to do so — with the full support of our editorial team, a great publishing platform, and access to thousands of newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans.”

Martin Feinberg, local listing agent, encourages everyone who is interested in representing Culver City to the Patch community in the Patch Mayor Program to fill out the short application form located here.  Patch editors will soon be in touch with more information.

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