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PAWS Offering Tuition Scholarships for Performing Arts Summer Camps

Image is the Performing Arts Workshops summer camp logo.Local listing agent Martin Feinberg has learned that Performing Arts Workshops (PAWS) offers Ambassador Scholarships of 50% off tuition for qualifying youth. The offer begins on January first and ends on June 15 every year and is meant to allow every child the opportunity to attend PAWS summer camps.

According to the PAWS website, “At Performing Arts Workshops we feel every child should be afforded the opportunity to experience the arts, and all that the arts have to offer in the way of character building, life skills, and academic enrichment. The PAW Ambassador Scholarship is intended to create those opportunities for children who would otherwise go without them, as well as increase the number of camp sessions and camp electives for those families wishing to maximize their children’s summer camp opportunities.”

Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that the PAW Ambassador Scholarship is a service-in-exchange scholarship meant to provide a way for parents of interested youth to exchange volunteer hours for 50% off tuition for their children. Parents are asked to volunteer 8 hours, as schedules permit, to help further PAW’s arts education mission.

PAWS Ambassadors pass out gift certificates, coupons, brochures, and camp literature, and also post on social networking sites to share information about camp, scholarships, and discount programs.  When all 8 hours of volunteer work are completed PAW@ agrees to sponsors half of the tuition to any session of camp that the parent’s child wants to attend.

Volunteer opportunities have no limit and parents can continue to provide 8 hours of service for each session of camp they would like their child to participate in for 50% off.

PAWs offers camps at ten different locations across southern California, including some close to the Culver City Real Estate area.  Camps are offered in Brentwood, West LA, Manhattan Beach, RPV, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Pasadena East, Pasadena Old Town, Northridge, and Studio City.

Please check out the Ambassador Scholarship page to get more information on the PAWS scholarship program and to apply online. Camp information can be requested by calling (310) 827-8827 or going to

Image is a group of children dressed to perform.