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Outdoor Pop-up Skating Rink POP SK8 Opening in Culver City Saturday

Image is the POP SK8 logo.California’s first themed pop-up outdoor roller-skating rink will be opening in Culver City on Saturday, July 6 at Westfield, 6000 Sepulveda Blvd.  POP SK8 will be open from Saturday, July 6 through Sunday, August 4.  Martin Feinberg, Realtor, notes that the pop-up skating rink had previously spent time in both Valencia and Woodland Hills.  In fact, it will continue to run in Woodland Hills until June 30.

POP SK8 is a full-service outdoor roller rink that is open daily and features a mixture of music, freestyle skating, and professional entertainment.  It is created and produced by Ann Potenza and Josh Smith, a husband and wife team who have been been performers and producers of theater, films, and music videos for over 20 years.  The music for POP SK8 is directed by Grammy nominated music producer and DJ Chris Cox.  Art director Andrei Mignea handles the visual media of the POP SK8 experience.

The POP SK8 event in the Culver City Real Estate area will include theme days, such as Swing SK8 Mondays, Groovy Tuesdays, Dyn-O-Mite 70s Wednesdays, I Want My 80s Thursdays, DJ Megamix Fridays & Saturdays, and La La SK8 Land Sundays.  Each day the pop-up rink is open skaters and visitors are encouraged to participate in contests, games, group popsk8-a-longs and surprise performances.

Ann Potenza stated, “Classics never go out of style. We have taken a much-loved activity, added some of our own special sugar and spice for a modern and unique twist, to bring it to a new generation. It is the perfect place to hang out with friends and family and our goal is to have everyone fall in love with roller-skating.”

Image is an illustration of a pair of legs in rainbow tights with pink roller skates on.POP SK8 is open Monday through Thursday 2pm – 10pm, Friday 2pm – midnight, Saturday noon – midnight and Sunday noon – 10pm.   For an All-Day wristband admission is $15 per person. This includes quad skates.  Patrons can also bring their own quad or inline skates if they would like.  There are also some activities for non-skating patrons as well, and no charge for children under 3 with a non-skating guardian.  Local listing agent Martin Feinberg encourages those who are interested to check out the POP SK8 website often because there will be a assortment of discounts available throughout the season.  Tickets are also available for pre-purchase on the website as well.